I will never like to clean – a Shaklee Product Review

When I was a teenager Saturday was cleaning day in our house and if I wanted money to go roller skating much of the responsibility of that cleaning fell on my shoulders. I hated cleaning, but I did it since it meant I earned the money necessary to go spend time doing what I loved most […]

Shoveling is NOT the greener choice when it comes to snow removal

We are being hit with yet another winter storm here in the northeast, yet another reminder and motivator for finding opportunities to move to where the palm trees grow.  So school was canceled and Paul got up extra early to take care of the driveway before leaving for work on the slippery roads.  The prediction […]

More baths – A Not-So-Green Resolution

Okay, for the most part you know I’m about as green as they come.  I recycle, I don’t purchase plastic water bottles, I leave the house with coffee in a travel mug and my reusable shopping bags stuffed inside my purse.  I never buy paper towels or napkins and I can’t live without my Diva […]

MotorCity Casino Hotel

FYI:  I don’t have a fancy big-girl camera and I didn’t bring my low-tech Kodak EasyShare with me on this trip so all photos were taken with my snazzy Blackberry phone.  Plus side?  No chance of anyone trying to steal my sometimes fuzzy pictures!  So go ahead and make fun of my pictures all you want, at least I […]

You don’t have to install solar panels to call yourself green

I really think it’s things like solar panels and wind turbines that make people think living a greener lifestyle is very expensive.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to afford either one of those things and I’m okay with that because I feel all the small things […]

I finally made a list

While at BlogHer this summer I got the chance to meet representatives from Microsoft Hohm.  I wasn’t sure what they were all about, but they certainly peaked my green curiosity with what their product could offer for my family.  A way to monitor energy use/consumption in your home, in real time. I like the idea […]

How Green is Your Conference?

I was fortunate to attend two conferences in the last two months.  They were very different in size and in overall vibe, but both had many great experiences that I will hold onto for a very long time.  While attending both I immediately turned on my green radar to zone in on areas that were […]

My Green BlogHer

When I am at home in my own environment it is really easy to live my green habits.  They are simply part of my everyday routine.  When I leave home for a few hours or overnight I have to plan a little more ahead to maintain the level of eco-friendly that I am able to […]

Greener Living is A Good Habit

I think they say it takes 15 to 20 times to do something before it becomes a habit.  Like my husband’s drawers on his dresser never being completely closed.  Yeah, he has that bad habit perfected quite well!  Or that funny swallowing thing he does with his throat that drives me insane.  Another one of hubby’s habits […]

My Not-So-Green Confession

I do my very best to live a green, healthy, non-toxic lifestyle and set a good example for my kids and all of you, but I am hardly perfect at it. I know you are shocked, but I am perfect at so many other things that I just can’t do it all!I am confessing that I […]