My Green BlogHer

When I am at home in my own environment it is really easy to live my green habits.  They are simply part of my everyday routine.  When I leave home for a few hours or overnight I have to plan a little more ahead to maintain the level of eco-friendly that I am able to at home.  Traveling out of state for four days is a whole other challenge.  Next month I am heading to New York City for BlogHer10 and I am super excited, but there is so much to plan my head is spinning a bit.  Also, this is my first trip to any conference.  Ever.  I cannot wait to come together with so many amazing bloggers and learn, socialize, and connect to create long lasting relationships.  Oh, and I hear the parties are a little fun, too.  Here’s how I plan to maintain my green habits while planning, traveling to, and participating in BlogHer:

  • New Clothes – I need new clothes.  When I say that I mean it.  I don’t mean I have things I could dig out of the closet or drawers.  I mean I need to actually buy something new.  One of my favorite eco-friendly ways to shop for new clothes is at thrift stores or consignment shops.  I have truly found some great clothes, even some with tags on them!
  • Getting from Airport to Hotel – This one is two-fold.  It will save me money and be a little greener if I share a ride with someone else or take a shuttle.
  • Hotel Stay – First, I have a roommate.  Okay, fine, there’s nothing that’s necessarily green about that, but it will be fun!  What I will do, though, is reuse my shower towels to save on the energy use to wash them for the hotel.  Oh, stop being all grossed out.  Your body is clean when you dry with the towel, right?  Geesh!
  • Drinking – I plan to consume three types of beverages while I am at BlogHer – water, coffee, and cocktails.  For the water, I plan to always have my reusable bottle with me. (I think I read we attendees are receiving one at registration) Awesome!  No, it doesn’t take much to excite me.       Shut up!  As far as the coffee, a reusable mug would be ideal, but let’s face it, we take the coffee however we can get it.  As far as the cocktails, I plan to leave no waste, nothing to pour down the drain.  That would be a disgrace!   

As a side note, I will need to pee a lot and dare say I will rival any pregnant woman with visits to the restroom!                                    

  • Swag – I truly plan to only accept what I will actually use when I leave the conference. Simple as that! I just think it’s silly and wasteful to take anything and everything just because I can

I am really happy to see that BlogHer has their very own Green Team this year (even though it doesn’t include me) to lessen their and our impact on the environment!               

Oh, I almost forgot the most important way to be green while at BlogHer……no deodorant!  It’s loaded with nasty chemicals and neither I or you need to be exposed to those awful toxins.  I promise I smell like roses.  Naturally.                             

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