Wellness Wednesday

For a good long while I’ve been struggling with where to go with this blog. Do I simply shut it down, cancel my host, and just let it all go? I’ve honestly contemplated those as a real options since the reality is that my little place here on the internet hasn’t exactly seen the traffic […]

Long Time No Write

Hi. Have you missed me? It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, my little place on the internet, and honestly I’m not even sure if I remember how to do the whole writing thing and all the technical stuff, but I definitely WANT to do it again. Here’s to dusting off the keyboard […]

A Little Time With My Gratitude Journal Was Exactly What I Needed Today

Yesterday was a bit of hard day for me and when it was almost over I got some upsetting news that brought back some bad memories. Unfortunately, it carried over into this morning and waking up to snow on the ground, the rain pouring down, and cold in the air didn’t help make me feel […]

Veterans Day, The Story Behind a Photo & Thank You to the Photographer

Well I started off the month strong and intended to blog every single day for National Blog Posting Month, but I just wasn’t feeling it yesterday. I’m a little disappointed in myself, but I’ve written more this month than I had in many months so I’m calling November a success. Do you ever see a […]

Theater Etiquette for Dummies & One of the Grossest Offenses of All

Yesterday I mentioned I was excited it was Friday and one of the reasons was because I attended opening night of our community theater’s production of Hello, Dolly!. It is my husband’s fourth play with this particular theater and I love to support him (and all the actors) on stage. I especially love it when […]

Fitness Friday – My Weekly Running & Workout Routine

  I don’t know about you, but I’m sure glad it’s Friday. Mostly because I’m excited to watch my husband perform in our local theater’s production of Hello, Dolly!, but also because I get to talk about fitness again. Sorry if that’s not your thing and I totally understand if you want to click away and […]

A Few Netflix Comedies to Watch & My Favorite Show on Amazon Prime

I’m kind of at a loss for words right now. I’ve literally been sitting here staring at my screen for what feels like forever because there’s a lot I’d like to write and share about, but my heart is heavy. There is so much sadness in our country right now and I’m tired, but I’m […]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Charlotte, Is That You?

A Nap Would Be Really Good Right About Now

Is it bedtime yet? Also, what day of the week is it because I swear it feels like it should be Thursday by now. I really don’t wanna sound whiny, but why does daylight saving time have to kick me in the butt so hard? I didn’t get enough sleep last night, but I started […]

Dear Daylight Saving: Go Die in a Fire

Where’s the petition to end Daylight Saving once and for all? No, seriously. Of all the petitions floating around on the internet that is the one I would rush to sign without even thinking twice. I mean, if it works for Hawaii and Arizona then I’m pretty confident it could work just fine for the […]