Wellness Wednesday

For a good long while I’ve been struggling with where to go with this blog. Do I simply shut it down, cancel my host, and just let it all go? I’ve honestly contemplated those as a real options since the reality is that my little place here on the internet hasn’t exactly seen the traffic I hoped for over the years. Of course visits and comments aren’t the only things that matter, but they’ve certainly been appreciated over the years. However, many of them weren’t exactly organic and so here I am after many many many months (years?) of silence trying to figure out what the best thing is for me and my blog.

In recent years I’ve found I have a passion for two things and they are running and speaking openly about prioritizing my mental health. I love to run and I especially need to run for my mental health. Last year I earned my Certified Running Coach certificate and would love to help runners (especially beginner types) reach their goals. Know anyone who needs/wants a coach? Send them here, but please wait until I’ve set up a respectable page devoted to all things running and coaching. In the meantime, can we focus on mental health? Do you make yours a priority every day, once a week, or rarely? Personally, I strive to make mine a priority every day and depending on the day it could a little different. It could be something that takes five minutes of my time or it could be the one that’s most impactful, which is running. Going for a 3, 4, or 7 mile run is my favorite way to move and those endorphins simply can’t be beat. I’m not saying everyone should run for their mental health, but my hope is that everyone makes it a daily priority, right up there with taking a shower and brushing your teeth.

Today, for me, prioritizing my mental health looks spending sometime sitting next to my ‘happy light’ and then heading to the basement for a workout. How about you? Tell me one thing you could do for your mental health today and then go make it a priority. You are worth it.


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  2. I go to the hills for my mental health and peace. Spending a week or two in the hills is like replenishing my mind, body, and soul. It has always worked for me for years.
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