About Cathy/PR Friendly

Back in 2008 Cathy took her love and passion for living a green lifestyle and started blogging. While she enjoyed (and still does) sharing tips and ideas for living a more eco-friendly way of life, she realized that there was more she wanted to write about. In early 2011 Cathy decided to make a gradual shift to a more traditional lifestyle blog and in the process has found that she has a great deal of love for social media as well as blogging and their potential to reach others via the internet.

Cathy Herard blogs about parenting, life,her love of running, food, and travel. She lives in Central Maine with her husband and their two sons, one with autism.

Cinderella Castle


Cathy thoroughly enjoys working with brands and she’s been fortunate to travel and attend some wonderful events thanks to those relationships. Her goal is to do more good with her blog on important topics including ending hunger in our country, programs for adults with autism, and encouraging women to make their health a top priority. She would also like to run a marathon someday, but for now she enjoys signing up for 5k races and taking her dog, Socks, for long walks.


Please contact Cathy if you think you could do amazing things together: cathy@cathyherard.com