You don’t have to install solar panels to call yourself green

I really think it’s things like solar panels and wind turbines that make people think living a greener lifestyle is very expensive.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to afford either one of those things and I’m okay with that because I feel all the small things I do on a daily basis add up to a huge contribution to a happier planet and a healthier family. 
Today alone, I’ve don’t several things that I would consider non-toxic, eco-friendly, or green (what ever label you choose, it’s all the same to me).  Here’s some of what I’ve done today:

  • Brewed my own coffee – way cheaper and I used an unbleached coffee filter, which is a more healthy option, plus when I left the house for a bit, I filled reusable mug to take in the car.
  • Packed a waste-free lunch for my son – a healthy sandwich, slices of fruit, whole grain crackers, and a special baked treat – and of course, his reusable water bottle!
  • Added stuff to my recycle bin throughout the day – we have a corner of our kitchen devoted to recycling so it’s really easy to incorporate adding to it as a daily habit.
  • Used one of my reusable shopping bags at the store – I carry my favorite fabric bags in my handbag – they are always with me where ever I go and whenever I shop.
  • Prepared a meatless dinner – we had baked potatoes with broccoli and organic shredded cheese.
  • Prepared a meal using a local product – the potatoes in that meatless dinner were from a local farmer.
  • Walked to get Cody from school (instead of driving in the car) – no impact on the environment and I got fresh air and exercise, and so did Cody!

I feel pretty good about those green accomplishments for today.  How about you?  What’s just one thing you did today to be a green, eco-friendly, treehugging, hippie?

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