More baths – A Not-So-Green Resolution

Okay, for the most part you know I’m about as green as they come.  I recycle, I don’t purchase plastic water bottles, I leave the house with coffee in a travel mug and my reusable shopping bags stuffed inside my purse.  I never buy paper towels or napkins and I can’t live without my Diva Cup, but after my recent trip to Detroit to hang with some fellow bloggers, Cat from Clever Girls Collective, and some of the folks at Ford Motor Company, I’ve decided I need to resolve to take more baths, or baths at all, really.  Hot baths.  Baths where the tub is three quarters of the way full with bubbles and maybe even candles and a glass of wine close by.  You might ask what Detroit has to do with my resolution.  Well, the environmentalists in the group could totally blame the MotorCity Casino Hotel for having such an inviting bathtub that you’d have to be crazy to resist.  Damn them!   Yeah, they saw me coming and just knew how deprived I was at home with practically no private time and that they couldn’t have tempted me more if they had filled it upon my check-in and laid out the slippers and robe for after my first soak.
I know how anti-green it is to take a bath, but listen, my kids are grown so they don’t take baths anymore.  So there’s that.  Also, it isn’t like I plan to take a bath every single day, like I may have done during my stay in Detroit.  Give a green girl a break.  I need something to relax every now and then.  I don’t get manicures or pedicures and I rarely even go to the hairdresser.  So really when you think about it, the planet owes me a bath……like once a week, at least.  The problem is that I’m really bad at following through on resolutions.  Damn!  The planet might win this one.

Disclosure:  There’s an affiliate link in this post because if you all buy enough Diva Cups through my link, I might be able to buy myself a mocha in that new trenta size at Starbucks.  No, really.

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