My Not-So-Green Confession

I do my very best to live a green, healthy, non-toxic lifestyle and set a good example for my kids and all of you, but I am hardly perfect at it. I know you are shocked, but I am perfect at so many other things that I just can’t do it all!
I am confessing that I often leave the water on when I brush my teeth! I know, I know. 
What kind of a green girl lets the water run wastefully down the drain like that?!
I have no excuse or defense for this horrible lack of conservation on my part, but I will tell you this, it isn’t nearly as bad as the amount of hot water I waste when I take an extra long shower!  Crap! Did I really just share a second confession with you all? 
That’s it!  I am out of here before this gets any worse. I think I’ll go wash some dishes.  In the sink!


  1. No one can be perfect, try as hard as we might ;-). I too try to live green… but I still sometimes forget to bring my own bag to the grocery store… and other minor offences :-(.

  2. This is too funny, did I mention that there on conflicting reports on weather or not hand washing saves water compared to a full dish washer ?

  3. 😀

  4. Monet1271 says

    LOL I forget sometimes too when brushing my teeth and my kids drive me crazy with that.

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