Having a Brother with Autism – What I Wish for Cody & Nick

On an almost daily basis I think about my hopes and dreams for Cody and Nick. Not only the wishes I have for each of them individually, but also for their connection as brothers. I know it can be really difficult for Nick because Cody isn’t necessarily the big brother he needs or wants sometimes, […]

Disney’s Guest Assistance Card & Upcoming Changes for Guests with Disabilities

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love all things Disney. From the first time we ever watched The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh nearly 17 years ago with Cody, to taking several family vacations to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney brings my entire family joy on many levels. On each of our five […]

Autism and Vaccines Can Be Tricky When the Patient is Eighteen

Friday was one of those days where I scheduled several appointments, a couple pretty close together, and hoped that all would go smoothly. I’m happy to report that I’m rather impressed with myself and how the day went even though I hardly sat down (unless you count driving in the car and sitting at appointments […]

Living as a Family with Autism – Sometimes it’s Pretty Wonderful

Living as a family with autism we’ve had both ups and down, laughter and tears, heartbreak and excitement, but through it all we’ve always been a family living with autism. This wasn’t just a diagnosis given to Cody, it’s shared by his brother, his father, and myself. Whether it’s the tough times when we sometimes get […]

I Need Your Help – Therapeutic Horseback Riding for Special Needs Kids

When Cody was much younger he benefited a great deal from several different therapies. There were speech and occupational therapy as well as behavioral therapy, and all of them played an important role in every skill he learned after being diagnosed with Autism. Another type of treatment that was incredibly beneficial to Cody was therapeutic […]

Special Olympics Track & Field: This is What Pride Looks Like

Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me brave in the attempt. ~Special Olympian Oath A couple days ago I spent yet another Spring Friday cheering on athletes at a Track and Field Special Olympics. I can’t honestly say I would have ever attended a Special Olympics event had it not been for […]

I Love School Vacation Week

Mostly I love school vacation weeks. Even if we don’t actually travel as much as I’d like to, there are some really wonderful things about a week of no school. My favorite thing, hands down, is that there is no alarm clock to set and no morning rush to be had with breakfast, lunch prep, […]

Autism Shines

There has been some horrible stuff being said about people with autism lately. It has made me feel hurt, angry, and more protective of Cody than ever before. As of about a month ago he went from being a child with autism to being an adult with autism, but in many ways I feel like […]

Success in spite of autism

Cody has never fit into that little box filled with stereotypes of kids with autism. He doesn’t mind his picture being taken, he loves hugs and kisses, and he’s pretty tolerant of change. Well he asks a million questions if there’s a sudden change in a plan, but he tolerates it just the same. Last […]

High School Open House

We are at a point again in Cody and Nick’s education where they are at the same school, the high school. I’m sure many parents agree that this makes things so much easier. I don’t even feel like I need to explain why because the reasons are so obvious. So last night we had an […]