Success in spite of autism

Cody has never fit into that little box filled with stereotypes of kids with autism. He doesn’t mind his picture being taken, he loves hugs and kisses, and he’s pretty tolerant of change. Well he asks a million questions if there’s a sudden change in a plan, but he tolerates it just the same. Last week while at the high school open house  he took us to his art classroom. The teacher was friendly and engaging and seems to just plain love having Cody in his classroom. I have a feeling he’s a favorite among many of the students at the high school. I can just tell. We talked about Cody’s collage hanging in the hallway, proudly displayed with those of the other students in the class. Mr. H shared that he recalled how hard Cody had worked on that project and he then explained that the next classroom project would be masks. The students would mold their own faces and create masks by their own design. He said he wasn’t sure how Cody would handle it due to the fact he would need to sit with the plaster on his face for twenty minutes all while being very still. I agreed with him, actually, because of both factors. He explained it was okay because he has plastic molds that the students can use because there have been others in the past not able to sit through the process.

A few days ago, in true Cody fashion, he amazed me, his teacher Mrs. G, and his art teacher when it was time to begin the project. Mrs. G sent me this picture (real-time) from the classroom:

Take that, autism. You don’t own this young man.


  1. So awesome. He is constantly surprising, isn’t he?!

  2. I literaly just got chills….that is great!
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