High School Open House

We are at a point again in Cody and Nick’s education where they are at the same school, the high school. I’m sure many parents agree that this makes things so much easier. I don’t even feel like I need to explain why because the reasons are so obvious. So last night we had an open house to attend and only had to go to one school for both boys, which also happens to be a two minute drive from our home. If it hadn’t been raining we could have walked. All parents and students gathered in the gymnasium for a welcome from the principal. I truly wish he were a better speaker and more motivating, but I don’t feel inspired by him, instead I’m like a tenth grader in her least favorite class watching the clock and counting down the minutes until we can wander the halls and visit classrooms. Plus, sitting on bleachers is not comfortable. I’m sure that’s another thing I don’t need to list reasons for. Finally, when I felt as though I could doze off, we were released to meet with academic coaches and visit classroom teachers. We started to make our way to the band room where the freshmen class leader would address us on expectations for the upcoming year. On the way there a group of Nick’s friend passed us in the hall and waved him to come with them and because I’m the worst Mom in the world, I informed Nick he would be staying with his parents, which was the whole point of the open house. He loved me for that, I’m certain of it. After the academic coaches’ leader spoke to us, we then heard from the class advisers. They both have a great deal of energy and seem eager to spend the next four years helping the students raise money and participate in some fun events. I can still remember my high school class advisers. They really make a difference in the that four year experience. Next we made our way back to Cody’s classroom where his teacher so kindly offered for him to relax because the chaos and over stimulation would have been a bit of a challenge for him. His teacher insisted that Cody introduce us to his art teacher and show us the collage he had created. Nick was happy about this because he has Cody’s art teacher for study hall and really likes him. As soon as we arrived in art wing Mr. H greeted Cody and introduced himself to us. He shared what a pleasure it is to have Cody in his class and that there really wasn’t more to say than that (with a genuine smile I won’t soon forget). He said he’s not sure who gets more out of having Cody in the classroom, Cody or the other students. My heart might have bulged a little at that statement. Let’s face it, teenagers are often selfish and not always the most accepting of others and their differences, so I’ve certainly been concerned about Cody’s high school experience at times and how his peers will treat him, especially when in such close proximity. The teacher explained that they work in teams on various projects and have the choice to sit a any table they would like to for class, but the same group of kids always chooses to sit with Cody. I hope they can all learn from each other. I hope that Cody enjoys being in a classroom with his typical peers and I hope those peers walk away with (more)tolerance and (more)acceptance of others and their differences. I really can’t think of a better setting for that than an art classroom.

We ended our open house visit with a stop in Nick’s french teacher’s classroom. She seemed lovely and Nick genuinely enjoys her class and her teaching method. She’s not a textbook teacher, but instead she likes to immerse the students in the language and learning experience. When I heard her say that I smiled and sighed internally because I know this is exactly the best way of learning for Nick. We walked to the car, climbed in, and Nick and I began counting in french, you know, because we’re geeks and felt like it. Turns out, my french needs a little refresher course because at about the number fourteen I switched over to Spanish. It was a very smooth and natural transition, almost like I knew what I was doing, but Paul and Nick both looked at me with puzzled looks on their faces, and at the same time, pointed out my error. We all laughed and I told them they were just jealous because I’m bilingual and they’re not.


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