Autism and Vaccines Can Be Tricky When the Patient is Eighteen

Friday was one of those days where I scheduled several appointments, a couple pretty close together, and hoped that all would go smoothly. I’m happy to report that I’m rather impressed with myself and how the day went even though I hardly sat down (unless you count driving in the car and sitting at appointments with the kids) for five minutes at any one given time. From a dentist appointment for Nick, who replied with “cool” when the hygienist said he had a cavity, to an annual physical that included shots for Cody, we were all pretty busy with everything I packed into one little day.

So here’s the thing. Cody was overdue, which I obviously knew, for his second MMR vaccine as a well as a tetanus. Over the years I had always politely declined them and the office staff never argued my decision. I’ve always appreciated them for that. The problem is that since he hadn’t had any shots in MANY years, it was something very unfamiliar to him, so I did my best to explain that yes it was going to hurt, but it would be over with quickly and I’d take him for ice cream after because I’m not above bribery. Please never lie to your kids about whether something is going to hurt. Be honest with them because I promise they will remember and it will be all your fault when they freak out at every doctor’s visit after the one where you lied and said it won’t hurt a bit.

Autism and Vaccines Can Be Tricky

The next part was a little tricky. Even though I explained in detail to Cody what to expect, I wasn’t completely sure he understood, especially the part where you have to sit really still while the doctor pokes you once in your left arm and another time in your right arm. She came in with her tray of syringes and when she grabbed the first one and Cody caught sight of it I feared we might be in trouble. He’s 18 now and strong. Like, don’t mess with him strong. Especially don’t come at him with something really pointy as you try to hold his arm still in order to inject him with something to keep him healthy. He literally grabbed her hand and declared very loudly “I DON’T LIKE IT”, but she remained calm with the syringe pointed and ready while I tried to help by distracting him and keeping his hand busy with something other than his goal of trying to rip the vaccine from her clutches. She’s a pro, though, and had both arms poked and bandaged in under thirty seconds. Cody just kinda looked at her as if to say huh that’s all you’ve got? I’m kidding. Cody is about the sweetest and most gentle young man I know, unless you try to intentionally inflict harm on him and then he gets a little feisty, understandably so.

He walked out of the doctor’s office with a bit of a grin on his face and his arms slightly flexed at his sides as if he was proud of his battle wounds that required band-aids. I was sure he couldn’t wait to show them off to his dad. It was rather cute, actually, that sweet little smirk as he pulled up each sleeve to reveal them both to Paul. Oh that kid. He can always put a smile on my face with very little effort. I think I’ll keep him. And take him to the doctor’s office as little as possible.


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