A nearly perfect Sunday

So I’ve been sitting here today feeling all crabby and I’m totally blaming it on the weather because I certainly can’t be expected to be all happy and positive when the sky is gray and the rain is falling, with temperatures in the 40’s. Sure I have the cutest polka dotted rain boots ever, but […]

Sleepovers and letting go

A couple of Saturdays ago as I lingered in bed for a little while, appreciating that it was the weekend and I had no early morning breakfasts or lunches to prepare for the kids, Nick appeared in my room and snuggled up next to me – he’s twelve so this is really, really special. He asked if his friend […]

Creativity and parenting go hand in hand

I don’t like to force my kids to do anything that they don’t want to do.  I prefer to ask questions and have a conversation as to why they feel the way they do because sometimes the reasons are painful and need to be addressed.  Sometimes they aren’t, but I feel as a Mom it’s my job to […]

When raising a future environmentalist bites you in the ass

A couple of weeks ago I got really annoyed with our school district.  I know, I know, shocking right?  I mean me?  Annoyed?  Oh, whatever.Basically, they send out a school calendar, which undoubtedly will be revised and reprinted and sent to families again and maybe again.  There was a scheduled day off for students, however, […]

My Job Chart – Great way to get your kids doing chores and earning rewards

I have always thought it was important to have some sort of chore list or chart for my kids.  We’ve have paper ones, magnetic ones, wipe-off board ones, but they just never seemed to stick.  I mean, I get really frustrated that nobody helps with household jobs, yet I never followed through and stayed consistent […]

He Now Walks in Men’s Shoes

So last week we made a trip to the local shoe store.  Cody and Nick both needed sneakers so we all hopped into the car and headed over to grab a couple pairs of sneakers and be on our way.  Not so fast. Well Cody was simple.  Another pair of sneakers from the men’s department, […]

Why do I even Bother to be "Green"?

I have thought a lot about this lately… A treehugger I am not.A lover of my children and their health and well-being I am.An environmentalist I am not.A hater of horrible and nasty chemicals I am.One to avoid a really good shave of my armpits and legs I am not.Someone who prefers and devours organic food I am.One to […]

Staying Green While on the Run!

Yesterday I got up in the morning and I had a plan.  I had some household cleaning to do, work on my blog to complete, and some work for a client that needed my attention.  Oh, I also planned to walk down to the health food store to pick up some ingredients for a yummy cinco de […]

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Friday

So, what are you doing tonight?  Watching television?  Watching a movie?  Going out to dinner perhaps?  No matter what your plans are, you should make it a priority to set your DVR for 9 p.m. EST to record Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. If you aren’t familiar with what this is exactly, I wrote a post about […]

Autism Awareness Begins with the Letter "A"

Are you already trying to think of how many times you can utter the words “April Fool’s” today? It’s April 1st and although I LOVE a good joke and pulling one over on others, especially my husband, today is also the start of Autism Awareness Month. I have written very little about my family and how we […]