When raising a future environmentalist bites you in the ass

A couple of weeks ago I got really annoyed with our school district.  I know, I know, shocking right?  I mean me?  Annoyed?  Oh, whatever.
Basically, they send out a school calendar, which undoubtedly will be revised and reprinted and sent to families again and maybe again.  There was a scheduled day off for students, however, due to the possibility of a snow day that day off was to be switched to the following day.  The snow day did happen.  On a Friday.  Here’s the thing…..there was no written notice of this potential change, just a casual mention by a teacher to me then over the weekend a hey, pass this along kind of Facebook status update by a teacher in the district in my husband’s friend feed.  Really?  The district expected all of the students in grades 6 through 12 to somehow get this message?  Oh wait, they did post it on the school’s website, but what about parents who didn’t think they needed to look at the school’s website because they were never notified of a potential change to the schedule?  Or the parents in this very rural school district who don’t even have the internet in their homes?  Okay that last part leaves me feeling a little light-headed to even imagine, but it’s true.  I’m not kidding.
Now if you know me, you know I’m a very plugged in person and would definitely be more apt to turn to the internet first, but I realize not everyone thinks the same way as I do.  I realize many people count on that piece of paper called a school calendar that’s probably prominently displayed on the refrigerator, as it is in our home, as a trusted resource for the school year schedule.  Why shouldn’t they?
So as we all sat as a family at dinner one night discussing how very poorly handled this whole thing was and I saying they needed to send written notification out to parents regarding the potential change to the calendar, Nick, who so conveniently most of the time doesn’t seem to be paying attention to a darn genius thing I say on a daily basis, decides to give his two cents.
Mom, it wouldn’t be very environmentally friendly to print that many notices to send out to all of the middle school and high school students, would it?
To which I grinned and pretended to be proud of this little greenie I’m grooming (apparently better than I thought), when I really wanted to say, listen you little sh%t, go back to not paying attention to my wisdom, it makes my ranting way less effective.  Or probably more effective since I thought he wasn’t paying attention to a darn thing when really he is listening, but only choosing to show it in order to make me look bad. 
He’s learning way more from me than I ever imagined.  I beam with pride.

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