My Job Chart – Great way to get your kids doing chores and earning rewards

I have always thought it was important to have some sort of chore list or chart for my kids.  We’ve have paper ones, magnetic ones, wipe-off board ones, but they just never seemed to stick.  I mean, I get really frustrated that nobody helps with household jobs, yet I never followed through and stayed consistent with the expectations.  I take most of the responsibility for that.  Now that my boys are older, though, and asking for more things like expensive video games, trips to the movie theater or money for a school dance, I really feel it’s important they value and respect money and understand that their father and I don’t just go out digging for dollar bills in the back yard. 
One thing is for sure, we are a technology family.  We each have a laptop computer and spend a good amount of time on them working or surfing the internet so it seems like that might be a great place to introduce a new way of assigning chores to everyone and actually following through on the expectations and ultimately the rewards that they can earn.  When I heard about My Job Chart, I got really excited.  It’s a web based system for families to create individualized chores and rewards for each member of the family as well as creating their own unique rewards.  I love this because not everyone has the same exact name for chores, or jobs, nor do we all have the same exact ideas when it comes to rewards.  My Job Chart allows you to create your own with your own pictures, even.  How cool is that?!  Did I mention that’s it’s FREE?
It’s pretty simple:

  1. Assign jobs
  2. Kids do jobs
  3. Parents give rewards

Did you already figure out why this is green?? There’s no waste.  I love that part because even though we recycle and sell or donate things, we spent money to buy some of them and probably wasted printer ink to have a copy on the wall as a visual for everyone.  I will say that I do like having a visual, but with practice, the Job Chart process could easily become a routine and habit for everyone in the family!
Here’s some of the great features:

  • Personalize with a different photo for every family member
  • Assign different jobs to each child for days you choose in advance
  • Create rewards that work for your family, assigning them their own “point” value
  • Email notification when your child completes a job
  • Total customization for you and your family

As I mentioned earlier, this is completely free so you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try.  Get started today at My Job Chart or if you have questions in the meantime, you can follow My Job Chart on Twitter or “Like” the My Job Chart page on Facebook.  I have to say they are very engaging and reply very promptly with any questions you might have.  This makes a huge difference when I find a brand or company that I love on Twitter or on Facebook.  They truly get the whole engaging part of social media!

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