He Now Walks in Men’s Shoes

So last week we made a trip to the local shoe store.  Cody and Nick both needed sneakers so we all hopped into the car and headed over to grab a couple pairs of sneakers and be on our way. 
Not so fast.
Well Cody was simple.  Another pair of sneakers from the men’s department, just a couple sizes higher than the last time. Done!
Nick was another story, though.  I immediately scoped out the sale shoes in the children’s section of the store.  I mean, he’s eleven and only wears a size 6. 
Apparently, a size 6 is only what he wears in my head!  (or in 2009)
He picked out a couple of styles and the clerk brought us each in a 6 and 6 1/2.  They were both snug.  What?  When did that happen?
She then looked at me (with something of an evil grin) and explained that the next sizes would have to be from the men’s department.  Okay, this has to be wrong.  One, because I’m too cheap to buy another pair of shoes from the men’s department and two, he’s my baby!!!
Nick couldn’t rush to the men’s shoes fast enough.
Again we picked out a couple of styles, he tried them on, and we ultimately completed our transaction.  Nick left the store with a new pair of sneakers in a size 7 1/2.  From the men’s department.
Somehow he looked taller and had a grin from ear to ear.  I, on the other hand, could only see future dollar signs and facial hair combined with a lovely smell of body odor. 
Oh joy!

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