I will never like to clean – a Shaklee Product Review

When I was a teenager Saturday was cleaning day in our house and if I wanted money to go roller skating much of the responsibility of that cleaning fell on my shoulders. I hated cleaning, but I did it since it meant I earned the money necessary to go spend time doing what I loved most […]

Why do I even Bother to be "Green"?

I have thought a lot about this lately… A treehugger I am not.A lover of my children and their health and well-being I am.An environmentalist I am not.A hater of horrible and nasty chemicals I am.One to avoid a really good shave of my armpits and legs I am not.Someone who prefers and devours organic food I am.One to […]

Easy Vegetable Pot Pie Recipe for Meatless Monday

We have had some chilly, rainy days here over the last couple of weeks.  Oh, the joys of springtime.  Unfortunately, that kind of weather doesn’t make me want to fire up the grill or make a salad.  It makes me want comfort food.  You know what I mean, right?  The kind of food that warms your soul […]

My Favorite Popcorn Recipe

My absolute favorite snack is popcorn.  I love the crunch, the fact that I can eat a whole bowl and not feel guilty, and mostly, I love how inexpensive it is to buy.  I get my organic yellow popcorn in the bulk bin at my local grocery store and usually you just can’t beat the price when buying from the bulk […]

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Friday

Have you been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution each week?  He is on a mission to change the way children, and everyone else, eat in our country.  A pretty tall order, but I think he is off to a good start.  Since he can’t visit every city and every home, I thought I would share some of […]

Equal Exchange – Review and Giveaway

Do you drink coffee?  Yes?  Awesome!  No?  Well, you’re just weird don’t go anywhere because this is still fun for you, too.  I promise!  If you know anything about me, you know that I love coffee.  You know that I drink it every day and consider “her” one of my best pals ever.  Up until about 2 […]

Yummy Earth Product Review and Giveaway!

My kids don’t eat candy…..well, they very rarely eat candy.  The rarely is for the potential stalkers who will happen to see one of my kids with some sort of candy in their hand. Then they will yell at me that I am LIAH because I said my kids never eat candy when really I said they […]

When Sipping Wine Leads to Sowing a (Seed)

Do you suppose it’s bad that I love how a company managed to connect wine with an idea for a line of healthy body care products? No?  Well, me either! In fact, I call it genius! That is exactly what the folks at Seed did when they wanted to created a line of products that would have […]

Wordless Wednesday – Free Range Chickens!

Don’t they look so happy and healthy?!

Surf Sweets Product Review and Giveaway!

One of my son’s (and secretly mine) favorite “treats” is gummy bears, but I refuse to buy them since they are loaded with crap.  Sorry, but I can’t put that any more kindly.  It’s true.  For the most part, you find sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors and artificial dyes in gummy bears.  Yick, yuck, gross.  […]