Yummy Earth Product Review and Giveaway!

My kids don’t eat candy…..well, they very rarely eat candy.  The rarely is for the potential stalkers who will happen to see one of my kids with some sort of candy in their hand. Then they will yell at me that I am LIAH because I said my kids never eat candy when really I said they rarely do and it will get ugly and I’ll have to snap them with my redheaded temper sarcasm.  So, yeah, lesson learned for you, too.  Once you write it for the world to see, you better be following through and talkin the talk
When I do happen to bring candy into our home, it’s usually chocolate because…..I don’t really need to share a reason for that, do it?  It’s obvious right?  Good!  Glad we agree on that!  Okay, so I sometimes buy gummy bears or jelly beans from my favorite organic and natural company, but on a recent visit I happened to see some lollipops that caught my eye. Now, for the record, I am not a lollipop lover.  They are kind of boring to me, but I know that little kids love them.  And I had little kids coming to visit so I wanted something fun for them, but approved by me.  Enter Yummy Earth Organic Fruit Lollipops!  Of course I scrutinized the wrapper looking for the bad stuff that just has to be in all lollipops. Unless you consider being colored and flavored with organic apples, carrots, or pumpkin bad stuff, then there was nothing wrong with these treats.  If anything, there was a whole lot that was right!  Let me share from the package:
  • Gluten Free
  • Certified Organic
  • No Artificial Dyes
  • 100% Natural Flavors
  • Real Fruit Extracts
  • No Corn Syrup
  • Casein-Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • GMO-free
  • Nut-free
  • Soy-free
  • Wheat-free
  • Dairy-free
Now, you might be asking, how can they possibly taste good, especially to a child, without any of all that stuff in them? Let me tell you, I tried them (strictly for the sake of this review-of course), and they are yummy. My favorite was the Pomegranate Pucker! Isn’t that a cute name, by the way?  The others included in the package were Mango Tango, Tooberry Blueberry, and Wet-Face Watermelon. The kids did love these, too, and kept coming back for more! Yay!  Success with better-for-them treats is the best feeling ever! 
Okay, you twisted my arm, darn it!  Just for fun, I am going to give away a 3oz. package of the Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops which includes 15 lollipops in the package. Simply because I love them so much and, really, because I love all of you even more. Here’s what you have to do to enter:
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  4. Tell me WHY you want these yummy treats for your kiddos
Please make sure you include your email address so I can contact you if you win!(Very important!)  Giveaway will end Friday, April 23rd at 11:59 p.m. *U.S. Entries Only please
Disclosure:  I was not provided any compensation or product from Yummy Earth for this review/giveaway. Just sharing because I love healthy treats for kids.


  1. Just discovered your giveaway on Green Mama's Pad link-up. I'd love to try these because they sure are a lot healthier than what kids see on store shelves and beg me to buy!

  2. smilinggreenmom says

    I am a FB fan (Lynn Momblogger)

  3. smilinggreenmom says

    I follow you (of course) on Twitter and have so much fun 🙂 @smilinggreenmom

  4. smilinggreenmom says

    I am a subscriber!! Woo Hoo!

  5. smilinggreenmom says

    I love how many icky things these are "free of" making them a treat to feel good about for sure.

  6. We love these things. I put them in the goodie bags at my son's b-day party.

  7. I followed you on twitter. @jodifur

  8. I'd be interested in seeing what these taste like!

  9. tigpooh1516 says

    I am already following you on Twitter which is how I found your wonderful giveaway! 🙂



  10. tigpooh1516 says

    I "like"you on Facebook
    Felicia Bruner


  11. tigpooh1516 says

    I would love these for my kids because they DO like candy, tho I don't let them have it often. We are trying to be more organic and I would love to try these to see if they like them. Thank you for the giveaway!


  12. tigpooh1516 says

    I am subscribed via RSS


  13. Cathy Let's Be Green Together says

    Congrats Felicia! Random.org chose number 11…that's you! Please send me an email with your shipping address.
    cathy at letsbegreentogether dot com

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