21 Jump Street movie thinks making fun of autism is comedy

I’ve talked about my son Cody on more than one occasion. More specifically, I’ve talked about his autism and how challenging it can be, but also how much of an amazing gift he is to our family and everyone he comes in contact with. Last week I wrote a post about something I feel strongly about, […]

Spread the Word to End the Word

Spending my day as I usually do online I saw a tweet from Tanis that caught my attention. The tweet had a link to this post at her blog, The Redneck Mommy. Of course I clicked over because she often writes about her adorable son with special needs, which was the case in this particular post. I […]

I’m on a mission

All kids ask for stuff. Whether it’s the newest video game or money to go to a movie or a school dance, the want is there. When it comes to this time of year, most kids can also make a Christmas wish list a mile long. Ask them what they want and they will gladly […]

The Muppets opening on……

Yesterday I received an email with some fun information about The Muppets Movie that opens on my birthday this Thanksgiving. These emails are always fun and filled with video clips or one sheets, even a fashion piece featuring Miss Piggy, but I have just one teeny tiny issue I need to discuss with Disney. I get that it makes […]

He might never get a driver’s license

Yesterday as I was walking with one of our dogs a local driving school’s vehicle went past with a student in the driver’s seat. This happens pretty often since we live in the middle of town and pretty close to the high school and I’ve never really thought much of it, but now I’m actually beginning to […]

Calendars, lists, and timers….oh my

Cody is a guy who loves and prefers to be at home. As long as he has his laptop and is surrounded by his family, he’s happy. When that routine gets disrupted, say, with life, he really needs to know what to expect. I’m sure this is the case with many of us. I mean […]

Cody might love airplanes more than he loves me

I’m flying to Detroit early this afternoon as a guest of Ford Motor Company. Although my boys are both older I still feel a bit of guilt whenever I leave them. I hardly went out for dinner when they were smaller, let alone a trip overnight or anywhere that required a plane flight. Now that […]

A nearly perfect Sunday

So I’ve been sitting here today feeling all crabby and I’m totally blaming it on the weather because I certainly can’t be expected to be all happy and positive when the sky is gray and the rain is falling, with temperatures in the 40’s. Sure I have the cutest polka dotted rain boots ever, but […]

Autism treatments – tough waters to navigate

Back in the early 90’s when Cody was diagnosed with autism there weren’t nearly as many known treatments and therapies as there are now.  I’m kind of glad about that in a way because it can truly be overwhelming to weed through all of them and try to decide which may or may not work for […]

Scentsy Autism Warmer – Review & Giveaway [Ended]

More and more I’ve decided to write less reviews and host fewer giveaways.  I don’t intend to stop doing them completely, but I’m getting way more choosy about the ones I decide to host because of the work involved and whether they are a fit for me and for you.  When I was approached a […]