Cody might love airplanes more than he loves me

I’m flying to Detroit early this afternoon as a guest of Ford Motor Company. Although my boys are both older I still feel a bit of guilt whenever I leave them. I hardly went out for dinner when they were smaller, let alone a trip overnight or anywhere that required a plane flight. Now that they are older and when it can fit with our family’s schedule and their needs I’m thrilled when I get the opportunity to travel. I love seeing new cities and meeting interesting people. When I excitedly shared I’d be making this trip Nick was ‘cool’ with it and Cody, well, the first thing out of his mouth? We’re going to take Mom to the Portland Jetport? Yes, because he realizes that’s where we go when a trip requires us to fly, but also because he is just about the biggest fan of airplanes that I’ve ever met. If there is an airplane in the sky, you can bet Cody will spot it, even when everyone else is squinting and saying they can’t see a darn thing. He has sensitive ears super human hearing and can hear an airplane in the distance better than he can hear me telling him to come to the dinner table. It’s one of his biggest loves. It literally fills him with joy to watch airplanes of all colors and sizes. While I don’t doubt for even a minute (maybe just for a second) that Cody loves me, I have a feeling he loves me more when he gets to take me to the airport. So just as much as I’m excited for this trip for myself, I’m equally as excited to be the reason Cody gets to drive to the airport and perch himself, along with Nick and Paul, on the rooftop of the parking garage at the jetport and smile and move his hands wildly with excitement as his entire body is filled with incredible joy.


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