Scentsy Autism Warmer – Review & Giveaway [Ended]

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More and more I’ve decided to write less reviews and host fewer giveaways.  I don’t intend to stop doing them completely, but I’m getting way more choosy about the ones I decide to host because of the work involved and whether they are a fit for me and for you.  When I was approached a while back to try a Scentsy warmer and two packages of their scented bars, I was interested.  I’ll be honest, though, I was mostly interested because it was their newest Charitable Cause Warmer – Piece by Piece, designed to represent the mission of Autism Speaks.  I was incredibly impressed because of the percentage they are donating to Autism Speaks from every sale of one of these warmers.  Not a few cents or even a few dollars.  They are donating 100% of the net proceeds to Autism Speaks.  Basically, twice a year Scentsy chooses a deserving organization or charity to support by creating a unique warmer in their honor and currently that’s Autism Speaks.

I received the autism warmer and two packages of the scented bars, french lavender and honey pear cider.  Let me share a bit of my experience with you.  First, the concept of the warmer is simple, making it very easy to use.  You basically insert the low watt light bulb, place a bar on top of the warmer, plug it into the wall and turn it on.  As the lightbulb warms the bar it melts and releases the scent all throughout your room.   I like that there are several holes around the sides of the warmer adding a special glowing effect.

Here’s what I like about the Scentsy products:

  • No burning, no flame, no soot, no lead
  • No phthalates
  • Warmer is made of high quality ceramic
  • Long-lasting scented bars
  • Since there’s no burning involved, no pollutants or chemicals are released.

What I dislike about the products:

  • While they use naturally derived fragrance oils, they also use synthetic ones, which bothers me.
  • The scents are a little too powerful for me; I prefer something more subtle.
  • A bit pricey – it’s a small investment to purchase a warmer, plus an additional expense for the scented bars

Overall I like the concept.  A ceramic warmer with a  low-watt light bulb that plugs into the wall and slowly melts a scented bar to add a lovely scent to your home.  I like that you can heat and melt the same bar numerous times to get the most scent for your money and actually I like it more over time because the scent isn’t nearly as strong after it’s melted a few times. Something else I find very helpful is the fact that if you want to try a different scent, you can pour the melted bar back into the mold and use it at a later time as it will just solidify again as it cools.   Scentsy offers so many really nice options for warmers.  From full size to plug-ins with military logos to that of your favorite college team and many more in between including a do-it-yourself warmer that you can decorate and personalize, there’s an option for everyone.  Seriously?!  There’s nearly too many choices for me and the same goes for the scented bars.  If you can think of the scent, it’s probably offered by Scentsy.

Most importantly, I’m super impressed with their commitment to giving to charities and organizations and I’m super pleased that their attention is currently directed at Autism Speaks with the specially designed Piece by Piece warmer.  You can learn more about their mission to support causes at the Scentsy Family Foundation website.

Now for the fun part!  One of you can win your choice of either the autism warmer or any of the plug-in warmers that they offer (personally, I love the Lei design).

Let’s keep the entering simple.  Just leave a comment telling me how you are personally connected with someone with autism.  Do you have a child?  A grandchild?  Do you work with students with autism?  You don’t have to know of someone with autism to enter, but I love hearing how autism has touched the lives of others, even if it’s only a little bit.

The giveaway will end on Friday April 15th at 11:59 p.m. EST. Don’t forget to include your email address so I can contact you if you win.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new new number will be selected.

Disclosure:  I received the Autism Warmer and two sets of scented bars for the purpose of this review and giveaway.  The prize will be provided by Scentsy as well.


  1. One of the children in my son’s class this year is autistic and we have learned a great deal about autism during this school year. It’s been awesome to see how the kids accept him for exactly who he is and work within the limits they know he has.

  2. Cheryle Barnes says

    I have a 16 year old grand nephew who is autistic. I can’t even begin to say here what an impact that discovery had on his parents, my niece and nephew, and later on his younger brother. It is said there is no greater love than a mother has for her child and I can tell you first hand this is so very true. I am awed and inspired constantly by my niece’s involvement and proactive commitment to her son and other autistic children along with the support from her husband and other son. God bless everyone out there who give their love and support to autistic families. They need and appreciate you more than you may even know.

  3. My son is autistic, he’s #4 of 5 children. Autism has changed our family in ways I can’t even begin to describe. We have been through hell and back with our son. He is 5 (turning 6 next month) and has been hospitalized 4 times already. You see, he’s not “autistic enough” to qualify for state services and to make things even more difficult, he also has some severe behavior problems. Often with this type of neurological disability, there are other conditions present as well. Because he is not deemed to be sufficiently autistic, we cannot receive desperately needed home services. School has been a fight. In fact, his school placement is what put him in the hospital. The list goes on and on. But, through the tears and prayers, earlier this year he was placed in a class suited to his needs. His teacher is AMAZING! I have never heard a teacher tell my son before that she loved him, but she does, every day. Sometimes my son’s behavior makes him rather unloveable. But she loves him anyways. The first time I heard her say this was on the day that during class, he urinated on her and threw chairs at her and his aide in the classroom. That’s how severe his behaviors have been. But, this woman is doing God’s work, touching lives one at a time, and leaving them better. She has turned my son’s behavior around. It’s not perfect, but since he’s been in her class, he hasn’t returned to the hospital.
    Yes, I am infinitely familiar with the many faces of autism.
    Thanks for this fabulous giveaway. I would love win it.
    Bonnie recently posted..Life inside the fishbowlMy Profile

    • Oh Bonnie, big hugs to you. We are truly lucky when loving individuals come into our lives that are truly meant to work with our kids with special needs. They are some of the most special people on the planet in my opinion. Our son has had some therapists and teachers that he will remember always and so will I…..they have truly made a difference in our lives.

  4. I have 2 sons on the severe end of the autism spectrum. I love the idea of having a house that smells good without the risk of a candle burning.
    Sunday recently posted..Reunited and it feels so goodMy Profile

  5. Beautiful! Ive seen this one in person bc my aunt purchased it. My cousin is autistic.

  6. Shelly McIntosh says

    A good friend of mine who I met at the spa I go to has 2 sons with autism. She has a total of 4 children yet always makes time for each & everyone of them. She homeschooled all of her children for several years. I am constantly amazed by her strength and dedication to her family. I couldn’t ask for a better friend & esthetician!

  7. My best friend’s brother has Asberger’s Syndrome, and I was always amazed at the time and love his entire family put into him as he was going through adolescence. It wasn’t always easy for them, but they really showed me the strength and courage that it takes to raise a child with autism.