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Yesterday I received an email with some fun information about The Muppets Movie that opens on my birthday this Thanksgiving. These emails are always fun and filled with video clips or one sheets, even a fashion piece featuring Miss Piggy, but I have just one teeny tiny issue I need to discuss with Disney. I get that it makes sense to say this Thanksgiving with the whole that’s a holiday and it will be easy for fans to remember when promoting the film and when it debuts in theaters, but there’s a tiny problem with that. It doesn’t actually open on Thanksgiving, which means a whole lot of people might miss seeing the first showing at their local theater and I don’t think we should mislead the fans. I swear it has everything nothing to do with the fact that the actual opening day is on Cody’s and my birthday, but more about my concern for Disney and all of that revenue that could be lost. I’m unselfish like that. Actually, that’s totally true. I’ve been known to forget it’s even my birthday since I’m so focused on making it a special day for Cody. This year, though, it’s uber exciting because Cody is a humongous Muppet fan and he can’t wait to see the movie and we get to always remember it opened on my our his birthday. I know, we’re he’s special and I’m so grateful to Disney for thinking of us with the timing of this film’s release. I’m certain they put a lot of thought and consideration into it before deciding on our Cody’s birthday as the release day. They love us him, I know they do. Yup, no doubt about it, he’s a lucky kid alright. I mean, how can he go wrong with a mom like me movie filled his most favorite Muppets opening on his birthday?!

I realize by trying to clarify the release date, I may have just confused you more. If that’s the case, I apologize and share this trailer with you. I’m pretty sure it says the release date of CATHY’S BIRTHDAY CODY’S BIRTHDAY NOVEMBER 23 somewhere in there. Enjoy. You’re welcome.


  1. kelly @kellynaturally says

    I am beyond excited for this. I love the muppets. Love, love. I’ve gone to see each new movie in the theatre, even as an adult, because, well, I grew up on the Muppets & Jim Henson was the man, and the Muppets just have adult comedy crafted for kids, nailed.
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    • We are super excited too, Kelly! I love that it will be a live action film with the Muppets as the stars. Even without the live action, though, who doesn’t love the Muppets?

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