My Favorite Gift for the Person Who Has Everything & Ideas for Other People, Too

Disclosure: I’m a compensated member of the U.S. Cellular blogger brigade, but all tips, opinions, and attempts at humor are my own. I can’t believe I’m bringing this up, but have you started your holiday shopping yet? As in, have you actually bought any presents for anyone on your gift list? If you have then […]

Wordless Wednesday {A Cat’s Perspective} Or the Opposite, Maybe

Some of My Favorite Fridge Staples & How Did Vault Boy Get in There?

So here I am almost to the half way point of National Blog Posting Month and while I’d like to celebrate that fact, I’m also feeling a bit lame with some of what I’ve written so far. Some days it’s hard, especially when you go from basically neglecting your blog (like I had done) to […]

Finding Gratitude on a Rough Day & Succeeding at NaBloPoMo

Today was one of those gray and gloomy days where my mind was in a fog and my mood was down in a ditch. Adding to a day where I felt like my self-diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder was trying to beat me down I received an email that made things worse. I swear I’m usually […]

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Remember how I said that my hope for today was to wake up feeling healthy and not completely sore from all that manual labor I performed yesterday? Well I’m pleased to share that my body doesn’t hurt at all, but that miserable cold still hasn’t hasn’t fully left the building just yet. I’ll be darned […]

Veteran’s Day Carrot Cake & Firewood Math is Complicated

This darn head cold has really slowed me down the last couple days and I have to say enough is enough. Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling like a new, healthy woman, but there’s a chance I overdid it today and I’m sure if I did my body will happily let me know. I’m tired […]

All I Want for My Birthday is Starbucks Coffee & Most Definitely Cake

Last Friday I planned for my post to focus on fitness or running or a combination of both, but then my son got some amazing news and I decided to share that awesomeness instead. In anticipation of today’s fitness-focused post I’ve been literally writing it in my head all week long. From coming up with […]

That Time Cody Got a Tour of a Private Jet & Something Awesome Happened

Oh my gosh, I woke up to a blue sky and sunshine and today it actually stuck around. It’s a bit chilly out there, but I can live with that if it means the sun is warm on my face when I step out onto my enclosed porch. This is the exact kind of day […]

Wordless Wednesday – I Hope You Love Something as Much as He Loves Airplanes

Seasonal Affective Disorder is Kicking My Butt (Please Send Vitamin D)

Today started out with a blue sky and sunshine, but it didn’t take long for the weather to go downhill. It’s now cloudy, chilly, and just plain gloomy and I’m trying to shake the fogginess from my head. Can I be honest, though? This kind of weather and the impact it has on my mood […]