Finding Gratitude on a Rough Day & Succeeding at NaBloPoMo

Gratitude Journal

Today was one of those gray and gloomy days where my mind was in a fog and my mood was down in a ditch. Adding to a day where I felt like my self-diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder was trying to beat me down I received an email that made things worse. I swear I’m usually a very positive person (my son says it’s annoying sometimes), but this seasonal depression stuff is challenging and also really frustrating. I want to feel good, but the brain can be a really big jerk sometimes. Needless to say, my heart just wasn’t in it when I sat down this morning to write a blog post for National Blog Posting Month, but there is no way I’m bailing out of this writing challenge. As long as you keep showing up to read what I have to say, even if I sound whiny sometimes, I’m going to keep finding a way to put the words onto the screen.

I got some mundane household tasks completed before curling up on my favorite chair in hopes of eventually digging myself out of today’s funk. Physically I just didn’t want to move, so to be honest I didn’t for nearly an hour. Then I came up with a plan. It was a plan that was especially important and just plain necessary on this kind of day. I decided to get in a workout and make this a post about gratitude.

Four Things I’m Grateful for Today

  1. A warm house is at the top of my list of things I’m grateful for today. I don’t function well in the cold and we’re into the time of year when temperatures are dipping too low for my chilly bones. I appreciate not only having a roof over my head, but also a thermostat that I can turn to any temperature I want without worrying about how much fuel I’m burning. Okay, that’s not totally true. I mean, I’m mostly pretty frugal with those types of things, but I can turn it up if I want to and I’m really thankful for that.
  2. I’m super grateful for a little writing group I’m part of on Facebook that is quite literally keeping me motivated and accountable to get a post written every single day this month. What makes me even more appreciative is when they come read what I write and leave a comment. Thank you, ladies. Thank you so very much. When I succeed at NaBloPoMo I’ll be having a virtual celebration and you’re all invited.
  3. Remember how I mentioned part of my plan was to get in a workout? Well, that’s a huge thing I’m regularly grateful for because having access to the equipment I need downstairs in my basement is something I deeply appreciate and do not take for granted. That basement might not be pretty and it’s a little cold down there, but it’s lifted me out of a funk on more days than I can count.
  4. My kids. Anyone who has kids knows this is one that requires no explanation because we’re all grateful for our children, right? From the smiles to the lively conversations and for the simple fact they need me, I’m so grateful to have both of them living in our home. Their presence on a gloomy day is appreciated more than they will ever know.

What’s something you’re grateful for today?



  1. Great job posting every day! I’m grateful for my blog right now. I love my little space on the web. (I’m also super grateful for my family.) ?

    • Thanks, Jaime. I’ve loved getting to know you through your blog posts since this challenge started. Families are the best, aren’t they? 😉

  2. I’m thankful for a loving and faithful husband and two amazing boys!