Learning how to parent

This morning while making and packing lunches for Cody and Nick I remembered a conversation I recently had with my friend, Kelly on Twitter. We’re friends because we bonded over pairing wine and popcorn. Also though, she created a great product for lunchboxes and you should totally be using them. They’re durable, BPA-free, and have […]

Green Jealousy is an Ugly Thing

Ever get some pretty exciting news and couldn’t wait to share it with that one person who you just knew would be happy for you only to have them totally crap on your cupcake?  Or drop a dead bird at your feet?  Well, it happened to me this morning and it all went down through direct messages on […]

The BlogHer 2010 Post that was Hard to Write

I can still remember the first time I went in public after my Dad died.  It was a hard day.  I didn’t want to do it.  I was anxious and still quite raw from losing him way before a girl should lose her Dad.  See, I had this feeling that everyone knew my father had […]

A Focus on the Positive

Yesterday was a stressful and challenging day where so much hit me at once regarding my upcoming trip to BlogHer in New York City. I am super excited to attend my first conference, but yesterday my focus was on the negatives.  There was a part of me that wondered what I was thinking when I jumped on […]

Surf Sweets Product Review and Giveaway!

One of my son’s (and secretly mine) favorite “treats” is gummy bears, but I refuse to buy them since they are loaded with crap.  Sorry, but I can’t put that any more kindly.  It’s true.  For the most part, you find sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors and artificial dyes in gummy bears.  Yick, yuck, gross.  […]

National Napping Day/Protect-A-Bed Mattress Protector Giveaway!

I had no idea there was such a thing as a “National Napping Day” and if you knew and didn’t tell me, I am so crushed and disappointed in you right now.  I will get over it, though, because I am all filled with excitement about the chance to have an excuse to take a […]

Drinking on St.Patrick’s Day? Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving! Plan Ahead

I know this isn’t a green topic in the eco-friendly sense, but it is a serious topic that is connected with a fun holiday that celebrates with the color green: St. Patrick’s Day.  If you choose to click away for that reason, then this is just plain uncool. I feel very strongly about this subject […]

31 Days to Build a Better Blog – Day Three

I am still playing catch up on the Spring Cleaning Challenge with Mariana over at Riding With No Hands.  Hey, nobody said they had to be consecutive days.  Today’s assignment was to promote a blog post. As in, promote a post that I wrote.  Eek! I could promote the heck out of someone else, but […]

Review of Larabars – Super Healthfood in a Bar

I simply cannot go without sharing one of my absolute favorite “handy” healthfoods with you.  For the most part, I like to bake my own treats for my family and for myself, but sometimes for convenience reasons we all have to grab something quick and on the go.  Of course for many people that leads […]

Follow Friday Feature

I am so excited to share my Follow Friday Feature with you this week!  I have been active on Twitter for the last year pretty consistently and a whole lot more in the recent months.  There are many people that I interact with on a daily basis(even make a point of learning their “real” first […]