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I am so excited to share my Follow Friday Feature with you this week!  I have been active on Twitter for the last year pretty consistently and a whole lot more in the recent months.  There are many people that I interact with on a daily basis(even make a point of learning their “real” first names).  I look forward to it, to finding out what is new with them, how a trip may have gone, seeing a picture of their new haircut, or just offering support through a difficult day.  That is just me.  I love learning about people and what it is really like to walk in their shoes.  It is so interesting to me and I would safely call some of those people, that I strictly interact with on the internet and have yet to meet in person, my friends.  Many of them also ask about me, my family, my life.  That means a lot.  Making those connections with people is HUGE.  It makes the reason for being on Twitter that much more valuable. 

 One person in particular that came out of nowhere(or so it seemed) and can make me laugh(and *smile*-psst, that’s a hint) is SmilingGreenMom.  And she has a cute little avatar, too, don’t you think? Can you guess which one is her “in real life?”  Take your time, I know it’s a tough call. 

Here are just a few of my favorite reasons why you should also be following SmilingGreenMom(if you aren’t already)!
~ She engages in wonderful conversation.  I know I sound like a broken record, but that is at the heart of what Twitter is about to me.
~ She is GREEN like me, not like green with envy or green like a funky looking little alien, but green like eco-friendly green!
~ Lisa is funny!  For me, personally, I love to make people laugh and I love it when someone can make me laugh and she can do just that!
~Oh my, then there is the crazy freaky one….we have the same shirt that says something about the fact that we are hot and green! I know what you are thinking: crazy coincidence…they are meant to be life long friends!
~She shares wonderful green tips and many great links to awesome articles.
I really do promise you won’t be disappointed if you follow SmilingGreenMom on Twitter.  She is a true gem and I am so glad to have met her there and look forward to the day we will meet “in real life” and can sport our sassy, hot, and matching t-shirts together!


  1. I absolutely love your blog and love that you featured Smiling Green Mom. She's the greatest!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!! I am totally freaking out now 😀 This is just soooo incredibly wonderfully sweet of you my friend Thank you so very much for making my day with this – I feel so honored. I too feel blessed to have "met" some amazing greenies and others "out there" and one of them is you!!! xoxo You are adorable and THANK YOU for such kind words and for being a great friend!!!!!

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