Larabar Review and Giveaway! (ENDED!!! )

Have you ever left home to run errands and realized about half way through your stops that you are suddenly really hungry?  It would take way too much time to go into the grocery store to pick up a healthy snack so you decide to make a quick stop for something that’s, well, way less […]

My Favorite Popcorn Recipe

My absolute favorite snack is popcorn.  I love the crunch, the fact that I can eat a whole bowl and not feel guilty, and mostly, I love how inexpensive it is to buy.  I get my organic yellow popcorn in the bulk bin at my local grocery store and usually you just can’t beat the price when buying from the bulk […]

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Friday

Have you been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution each week?  He is on a mission to change the way children, and everyone else, eat in our country.  A pretty tall order, but I think he is off to a good start.  Since he can’t visit every city and every home, I thought I would share some of […]

Baked Macaroni and Cheese for Meatless Monday

Gosh, I can’t believe it’s Meatless Monday again already!  When I was a young girl one of my favorite meals was macaroni and cheese.  I love my Mom, but she was not a gourmet cook and this was no exception.  The macaroni and cheese came from a box.  Looking back I know it was for […]

I’m a Sell-Out and a Hypocrite

I am feeling a bit shaky as I write this post today.  I don’t know why.  I have a thick skin, I’m a tough cookie, after all I am a redhead.  If you’ve been here before you know I promote a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle for my family and for everyone else.  However, if you follow […]

5 Must-Haves for My Vegetarian Pantry

Ever wonder what vegetarians eat?  Well, besides vegetables, of course. It is a common question I get and sometimes has negativity attached to it, but I realize that’s just people and their ignorance to the unknown.  I want to share some basic staples to have on hand that happen to be packed with health benefits.  These […]

Meatless Monday with Recipe

How much meat do you eat in a week?  I am a vegetarian so I don’t eat any meat, which makes Meatless Monday pretty, well, the same as every other day for me.  I do understand, though, that this isn’t the case for everyone else.  This is why I was excited when I saw the […]

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – For America’s Children

Have you ever seen something that just got you so fired up that you wanted to do something, act on it, or just plain yell at the top or your lungs?  At the same time, you feel so passionate that you can’t put how you feel into words?  That is how I felt when I […]

Wordless Wednesday – Free Range Chickens!

Don’t they look so happy and healthy?!

Meatless Monday

Wow! It’s Monday again already and that means I like to promote a meatless one for everyone.  You may already know that I am a vegetarian so every day is meatless for me, but I understand that not everyone can live without their meat.  My hope is that at least this one day a week, […]