Larabar Review and Giveaway! (ENDED!!! )

Have you ever left home to run errands and realized about half way through your stops that you are suddenly really hungry?  It would take way too much time to go into the grocery store to pick up a healthy snack so you decide to make a quick stop for something that’s, well, way less healthy.  The drive-thru window at a local fast food joint, perhaps?  Personally, I’d rather eat nothing than go to one of those places for what they call food, but more importantly, I try to always leave home prepared.  Even with kids, actually, especially with kids, we have to be prepared with some tasty treats that are ideally healthy. Some of my favorites are pieces of fruit or a mix of cashew, raisins, and dark chocolate chips. Also, whenever I know we will be out for a while, I always fill a reusable water bottle for each person since we don’t buy plastic ones.  When I need to grab-n-go, though, I love to have a LARABAR in my purse.  They truly pack so much goodness into such a little bar without including any of the “bad” stuff! From the LARABAR website, this sums up the nutrition of the bars in a nutshell:

LÄRABAR is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices – energy in its purest form. Made from 100% whole food, each flavor contains no more than eight ingredients. Pure and simple, just as nature intended.



Sweet with no added sweeteners. Sustaining with no added fillers, supplements or flavorings. LÄRABAR is what your body needs – real, whole food loaded with nature’s own minerals and vitamins.


All of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, good carbohydrates and healthy fats are derived exclusively from the whole food used to make LÄRABAR.

For LÄRABAR, we source the best possible ingredients. Every time. Every bar. Enjoy.

I love the confidence I feel when I pick up a Larabar and know they had my health in mind when they created these bars.  Also, for those with certain dietary concerns the package clearly states what’s NOT in the bars, such as gluten-free or vegan.  At a glance you can look and find this as opposed to searching, or better yet, putting it back on the shelf because you aren’t sure if it’s safe for your needs or not.
For me, this offers and added piece of mind since I am a vegetarian.  When the package clearly states vegan, know that it’s fine for me to eat as a vegetarian since vegans are much more strict with their diet than vegetarians.
Much like I carry my wallet in my purse, I carry a Larabar for those times I’m in need of something to curb my hunger.

Okay, are you ready for the super fun part?  Larabar wants one of you fabulous readers to WIN one of their 24 pack sampler boxes of Larabars!! That’s 24 bars in a variety of flavors! Oh, yes, I know it’s exciting, you don’t have to tell me!  But, that’s not all…..they are also going to include one of their awesome t-shirts as well. Yes, that’s me posing for you all.  I mean, how could I possibly give away the shirt without giving you a glimpse of it first?

I know right? Very cute! Oh stop! Enough about me….how about that shirt? Don’t you just love it? Okay, okay, let’s get to how you can enter!

  • Follow Larabar on Twitter and leave me a comment with your Twitter ID.
  • Follow me on Twitter and leave me a comment with your Twitter ID.
  • “Like” Larabar’s page on Facebook and leave me a comment telling me you did so.
  • Go to the Larabar website and come back and leave a comment telling me which flavor you would love to try!  Or if you already have a favorite, just share it!

There you go…..four chances to win!  So, go ahead and get started.  Giveaway will end on May 4th, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. and I will use to choose a winner.  U.S. entries only please.


  1. Stephanie says

    apple pie!

  2. I follow Larabar on Twitter as jklafollette

  3. I "like" Larabar on Facebook!

  4. I follow you on Twitter as jklafollette

  5. I love Larabars! Favorites are Peanut Butter Cookie, Cinnamon Roll, Coconut Cream Pie, and Apple Pie.

  6. kelly (@kblogger) says

    following larabar on Twitter!

  7. kelly (@kblogger) says

    Well, my favorite Larabar is coconut Cream Pie, followed closely by Cherry Pie.
    But I've never tried Chocolate Coconut. Yum.

  8. kelly (@kblogger) says

    I "liked" Larabar on facebook (kelly kblogger)!

  9. Following Larabar!


  10. yvonne1288 says

    I just followed Larabar! My twitter is ecofriendlynyc!!

  11. I was already following you!


  12. I 'liked' Larabar on FB.

  13. Pecan pie. Oh how I wish I could find it in stores near me.

  14. I love the Peanut Butter Larabar Flavor!!!

  15. I "Liked" and left a comment on Larabars Facebook page!

  16. I am following you and Larabar on Twitter and I just tweeted about your giveaway!! Those other comments under "Melinda" are mine as well. I like the peanut butter flavor larabar and I liked larabar on Facebook. Crossing my fingers that I win!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Oh, and I forgot- my twitter user id is "fabmelinda" and I love the cute larabar tshirt!

  18. I tweeted about the giveaway and am following both you and Larabar!

  19. Laurel Smith says

    Hi, following you on Twitter as smidgentigre

  20. Laurel Smith says

    We love Peanut Butter Cookie Larabars–especially since they are gluten free!

  21. I would love to try the Apple Pie. I wonder if it would stop me from having the real thing. lol

    ashleyreynolds1 at hotmail dot com

  22. I totally follow you on twitter!! (@mgonyeo)

  23. I Follow Larabar on Twitter! (@mgonyeo)

  24. I "Liked" Larabar's page on Facebook (Melissa Dion)

  25. I LOVE the cinnamon roll! So yummy!

  26. "liked" Larabars on FB.

    ashleyreynolds1 at hotmail dot com
    (Ashley Reynolds)

  27. Melinda says

    I also love apple pie, but honestly I haven't met a larabar that I didn't like yet! I am now following your blog as well!

  28. Ooo, apple pie and peanut butter cookie sound amazing…

  29. I like Larabar on Facebook 🙂

  30. Mariana_RWNH says

    I'm following you on Twitter (of course!) @ohMariana. But you knew that. 🙂

  31. I'm following Larabar (@ohMariana)

  32. I like Larabar on Facebook (and everywhere else).

  33. My fave flavor is Pecan Pie, but I'd LOVE to try the Cocoa Mole. It sounds… interesting! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  34. My favorite is the coconut cream pie!!

  35. Following larabar on facebook

  36. Following larabar on twitter @the_vegster

  37. Runeatrepeat says

    I am all over this contest! I love larabars 🙂

  38. Gail Gedan Spencer says

    I'm following Larabar on Twitter as @its_gail

  39. Gail Gedan Spencer says

    I also "like" Larabar on Facebook.

  40. Gail Gedan Spencer says

    I'm following you on Twitter as @its_gail.

  41. Gail Gedan Spencer says

    … and my fave Larabar flavor is Cherry Pie!

  42. The lemon bar looks good!

  43. There should be a "Love" button for Larabar! As for me, I love Peanut Butter and Jelly. And Banana Bread. And Peanut Butter Cookie. And, well, I could go on and on.

  44. jenlenocker says

    Sorry – total case of the Mondays!

    I follow Larabar on twitter as @jnbsmom25

  45. jenlenocker says

    I follow Larabar on twitter as @jnbsmom25

  46. jenlenocker says

    I "like" Larabar on FB.

  47. jenlenocker says

    We moved from NM 3 years ago and miss the Southwest flavor here in the 'Burgh…I would love to try Cocoa Mole'!!

  48. @jkd003 on twitter is following @larabar!

  49. I 'liked' on FB… ?

  50. Dee Dee Sorg says

    I want to try one! Peanut Butter Cookie – Apple Pie – Cinnamon Roll; how do I choose?

  51. cecedon says

    I've been following you but now I'm following them on twitter too @cecedon. I liked them on facebook and I checked out their page. Great flavors. I'm kind of excited about this because I'm gluten free and I rarely find much to carry in my purse that I like. The flavors look awesome. I can't have bananas or kiwi at home because my husband is deathly allergic so both of those bars look good (good way to have the fruit without it contaminating the house). But I think ginger snap would be one of my faves. Thanks for having this great giveaway!

  52. cecedon says

    I follow you already @cecedon

  53. cecedon says

    I'm following larabar on twitter @cecedon

  54. cecedon says

    I like larabar on facebook

  55. Cathy Let's Be Green Together says

    Winner Chosen!! selected comment #32. Ashlei ( @the_vegster ) that's you! Congrats!
    Thanks so much to everyone for entering!

  56. Cathy Let's Be Green Together says

    Congrats Ashlei! You are the winner! Please send me your shipping information. cathy at letsbegreentogether com

  57. My son has Celiacs would love to try these bars!

  58. Waddlebug says

    Already following Larabar on Twitter!

  59. Waddlebug says

    I follow you on Twitter as well!!

  60. Waddlebug says

    I "liked" Larabar's fb page!

  61. Waddlebug says

    Mmmmmm, Coconut Cream Pie…YUM! Want to try! Love Apple, Cherry, and Cashew already!

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