Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – For America’s Children

Have you ever seen something that just got you so fired up that you wanted to do something, act on it, or just plain yell at the top or your lungs?  At the same time, you feel so passionate that you can’t put how you feel into words?  That is how I felt when I first saw Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on television recently.  If you didn’t see it, Jamie is on a mission, a really big mission to change the lunch programs for our children in schools across America and the way we all eat in general.  I couldn’t be happier about this.  You may have read a post I wrote recently about packing a healthy lunch for my kids here.  I already have a passion for this topic.  Having spent time in several school cafeterias, I can tell you there is a lot that needs improvement.  I also understand that change is difficult for some people and Jamie Oliver realized that first hand with the cooks in one of the kitchens and even with administrators. One quote made my jaw drop. A school administrator said “if the kids like it we’ll considering changing”(or something very close to that).  What? Are you serious? If the students like it? So, does this mean if they don’t like math they get a free pass from that for a day, too? If they don’t like having more healthy choices for lunch, we just won’t provide them.  This bothers me. A lot.  How about the school staff show enthusiasm for what Jamie Oliver is hoping to accomplish?  I know, it’s a crazy concept!  I really believe if the teachers, cooks, and administrators showed the students some excitement over this, the kids would get excited, too.   
Think about when your children were really little and they fell down and everyone held their breath waiting for the loud cry of pain……..that usually only occurred if the grown-ups reacted to what happened.  Otherwise, they were fine and just continued with whatever they were doing at the time.
I really could go on and about this, but then you would just start rolling your eyes at my preachiness and probably click away and not even want to help at all. So, I will ask you to do just one thing: click here and go sign Jamie Oliver’s petition showing him you back what he is doing and that you support his revolution for America. It is the least we can do when you consider the fact he left his family to help improve the way children eat in this country. 


  1. RenegadeMom1 says

    Can I sign the petition and request a naked carrot eating session with him?

  2. Oh my! There goes the blog neighborhood….RenegadeMom1 has moved into town! And I am thrilled and honored! Interesting proposition….Jamie? Oh Jamie?

  3. RenegadeMom1 says

    yeah I may become one of those obnoxious green moms soon. The thing is I have always had this weird bi-polar hippie-trash food lifestyle. I grew up on brown rice and lentils and at the same time hide Pop Tarts behind the granola. It's like Sybil lives in my pantry. But lately I really have decided to not do that anymore and get back to my granola roots. RM2 has been cleansing her system even harsher than I have and I am super proud of her. We are both feeling better and we are totally ready to eat carrots naked with Jamie. Anytime jamie… Anytime….

  4. I love the new show. I'm all about eating better, I don't feed my children that crap either.

  5. Thanks for your comment Kristin! I am so very excited about this campaign and look forward to everything Jamie has planned!

  6. RenegadeMom1 says

    Can I sign the petition and request a naked carrot eating session with him?

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