Healthy Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie

I generally drink water all day long, especially in the hot summer months, but sometimes when I want to get a quick and healthy burst of delicious flavor, I make a smoothie.  Nick loves them, too, so it’s a bonus and a way to get in a fruit serving for the day.  Not to mention […]

Don’t Criticize my Food Unless you Want the Truth About Yours

My younger son and I are vegetarians.  Well, for the most part we are with the exception of the occasional really good quality piece of fish.  We have hosted small birthday parties and attended medium and large family gatherings and pretty much every time there is someone who thinks they are somehow being given free […]

Greener Living is A Good Habit

I think they say it takes 15 to 20 times to do something before it becomes a habit.  Like my husband’s drawers on his dresser never being completely closed.  Yeah, he has that bad habit perfected quite well!  Or that funny swallowing thing he does with his throat that drives me insane.  Another one of hubby’s habits […]

In Defense of Water

Am I really that abnormal to prefer water over any other beverage? Okay, fine, let me clarify.  I love coffee and wine, too, but throughout the day, it’s water, pure and simple.  I don’t drink soda or juice.  I don’t like them and my body doesn’t need them.  I know, I know. My body doesn’t […]

My Not-So-Green Confession

I do my very best to live a green, healthy, non-toxic lifestyle and set a good example for my kids and all of you, but I am hardly perfect at it. I know you are shocked, but I am perfect at so many other things that I just can’t do it all!I am confessing that I […]

Stop "Loving" Each Other with Food

Think back to your childhood, or maybe last month, or even last week, to a time something really great happened in your life.  Or something not so great.  Did someone bring you food or offer to cook you something to make you feel better?   Moms are especially good at that, aren’t they?  They love us with food.  It’s their way of […]

Eating What’s in Season for Optiumum Quality and Taste

Have you ever bought strawberries at the grocery store?  In December?  I am sure many of us have, but most likely they weren’t local, actually in my case and for many others, they definitely aren’t local in December.  They traveled thousands of miles, through many conditions, having been touched by several hands before making it to […]

Going to McDonald’s as a "Community Outing"…….You Have Got to be Kidding Me!

Yes, you read that title correctly.  My son’s class is going on a community outing to McDonald’s (no, I didn’t include Old in that name and NO there won’t be any cute little animals to pet or feed)  and  they will be eating lunch there tomorrow.  Well, my Cody won’t be eating the food, but everyone else will be. I […]

Mostly Meatless Monday – Yves Meatless Hot Dogs and Recipe for Homemade Coleslaw

It’s Meatless Monday and although I don’t have a recipe for an entire meal to share, I do have a couple of ideas from my family’s weekend that I would love to pass along to you.  The weather was beautiful here and although we are missing our grill because it’s in storage right now, I […]

Just Say NO…..To Fast Food

I will say up front that I am not going to sugar coat any part of this issue.  I have a strong opinion and I plan to share it.  You can thank me later.I recently read an article on my local newspaper’s website regarding one of the fast food chains in town.  I had noticed it was demolished and […]