Eating What’s in Season for Optiumum Quality and Taste

Have you ever bought strawberries at the grocery store?  In December?  I am sure many of us have, but most likely they weren’t local, actually in my case and for many others, they definitely aren’t local in December.  They traveled thousands of miles, through many conditions, having been touched by several hands before making it to the store display and ultimately into your shopping cart.  Most likely they don’t even look all that great and are priced too high.  Sound familiar? I thought so. 
Now, let me ask you this.  Have you ever bought or picked your strawberries locally?  If you have you know there is simply no comparison in flavor to those that you purchased in the winter months. 
Over the course of the last couple of years, my family has been making the shift to eating what’s in season.  This is really tough living in New England, but also it’s pretty fun, too.  Here are some great reasons to focus on buying local, seasonal produce:

  • Taste – I am telling you there is a difference.  Fresher more flavorful goodness.  Pure deliciousness!
  • Cost – You definitely save money when buying local seasonal products.  I will use the example of strawberries.  My family got out last week and picked several quarts of berries.  We picked two and half quarts for the same price we would pay for one at the grocery store – and not necessarily local.  We got outside, enjoyed some fresh air, and wonderful family time.  Oh, and there are plenty of berries already in the freezer for the fall and winter months. Huge bonus!  Up next?  Raspberries!
  • Quality – This one really speaks for itself.  I can’t count how many times I have stood at the grocery store wanting to buy something and found it to be wilted, bruised, or very little in size with a ridiculous price tag.  Buying what’s in season and ideally local, you get fresh, plump, or huge bunches of your favorite fruits or vegetables.  Right now I am loving the gigantic bunches of kale that I can get from a local farmer at an amazing price.  Kale is super healthy and can be cooked many ways from sauteing to steaming, and recently I put it on pizza!  I also love to include it in my homemade juices since it packs such a nutritious punch in a couple of handfuls!

Not always sure what’s in season right now?  The best way to find out is by visiting your local farmer’s market or small farm stands in your area. If they don’t have it yet, it simply isn’t ready to harvest. 

A few things to look for now that are at their peak of the season freshness are: strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and rhubarb.  Hello! Can you say pie?  Or pies?  Prepare them and freeze them for a delicious dessert in the coming months.  Hurry, though, because before you know it, the season will be gone and we will be on to the next bounty.  Know what I am looking forward to?  Local corn on the cob and cucumbers.

I challenge you to head to the farmer’s market and plan your meal around what you find.  Get creative and have fun……mostly, though, make it delicious and healthy!  And now I am going to do what any smart person with an overflowing amount of strawberries would do.  I am going to make strawberry shortcake! 
I hope to continue this “series” for you throughout the next several months, highlighting seasonal items and sharing some fun and different ways of trying new foods with your family.


  1. Kimatsprig says

    I would also add, if you find a good deal on something in season that you and your family LOVE, then buy extra and store it. I have recently found organic blueberries at insane prices, so I am freezing extras for a yummy treat when it starts to turn cold. These blueberries will be the affordable foundation to smoothies, muffins and more

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