Wordless Wednesday – An Evening of Immense Pride

Last week we attended a promotion ceremony for Cody.  He has completed Middle School and will start High School in the fall. A few snapshots from the evening (courtesy of a family friend). Waiting patiently for announcement to be seated. We were all feeling extremely proud, I swear! Thinking about going home and having “computer” time. Students were […]

Wordless Wednesday….Take Care of your Trash!

If you have read my blog in recent days, you will “get” this photo.

Wordless Wednesday – World’s Tallest Bridge Observatory

       This is the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory.        It’s the world’s tallest and right here in Maine!

Wordless Wednesday – Kids’ Artwork

2nd Grader’s Interpretation of Charlotte’s Web 5th Grader’s Interpretation of Charlotte’s Web                                          

Wordless Wednesday

Check out the size of that stinger!  Also, it was alive and flew away on it’s own.

Wordless Wednesday – Visit to the Goat Farm

We made the approximately 40 minute drive last fall for an “open” farm day to visit the goat farm where some of our favorite cheese comes from.  From seeing the goats to the cheese making process, it was such a fun afternoon.  I highly recommend this type of interaction if you can.  Visiting and talking with someone who […]

Wordless Wednesday – Different Perspectives

Two VERY different ideas about the definition of the word “cold”,wouldn’t you agree?  For the record, everyone else on the boat that day agreed with my “bundled” up boy, including me. Also, those red bottoms you can see are shorts!

Wordless Wednesday – Wonder What He’s Thinking About

Wordless Wednesday – Today He Would Be 64 Years Old

I just couldn’t keep this “wordless.”  This picture is in memory of my Dad.  He would be 64 years old today.  This photo is of him holding my son, Nicholas, at 2 days old in 1998.  Happy Birthday Dad (Grampy).  We love and miss you and later we will bake and eat a cake in honor […]

Wordless Wednesday – Free Range Chickens!

Don’t they look so happy and healthy?!