Wordless Wednesday – Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

Wordless Wednesday – Foliage

Photo credit:  Nick (12 years old)

Wordless Wednesday – Rockport Harbor

Wordless Wednesday – A Family Stroll

Wordless Wednesday – After the Wacky Weather

Wordless Wednesday – Walmart Greeter

It seems Walmart has raised the bar on the quality of their store “greeters”

Wordless Wednesday – First Day of School

Cody – Can’t believe he’s in high school! Nick – a 7th grader already!

Wordless Wednesday – What the Kids did While I was Away at BlogHer

A special thank-you to our dear friend Ellie who took the boys out for this awesome sailing experience and took all of these wonderful photos!

Wordless Wednesday – Awesome BlogHer 2010 Moment

OMG it’s Jenny The Bloggess!  She looked into my eyes and into my soul and then she typed a note I’ll treasure always! I wasn’t really sure about this until I got to the second line, but I’d still like to see a picture of her Mom…just because. And it wouldn’t truly be a Bloggess […]

Wordless Wednesday – My Young Eagles

Cody as a “Young Eagle” Nick as a “Young Eagle”