5 Things I know for sure

Really, nothing in life is guaranteed, except of course that we will die.  I don’t mean to be morbid, it’s just reality.  There are some things I am certain of, though: I have made many mistakes as a parent and I will make many more, but they will all be mine and my kids will survive. They might […]

Deliver Birthday Smiles Campaign with 1-800 Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers?  Okay, fine, I’m sure there are some people who don’t like flowers, but it’s probably just due to allergies, which really stink, but those people can at least enjoy flowers from afar….because they are pretty and who doesn’t love a little pretty?  Okay, I could obviously keep asking questions all day and […]

Wordless Wednesday – Crab Fun!

On the hunt for crabs! Found one! Look closely, it’s a tiny one!

31 Days to Build a Better Blog – Day 5

I am back at it again with my blog “Spring Cleaning”(I like the name Mariana chose for this challenge that’s based on Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.)  Today’s assignment is to email a blog reader.  That is easy enough. I have started to do something similar in that I visit the blogs of […]

31 Days to Build a Better Blog – Day 1

When my friend Mariana over on Twitter threw out the idea of doing some “spring cleaning” on her blog with an invitation for others to join her, I immediately clicked her link to check out what she had going on over at her site, Riding With No Hands(don’t you just love that name?).  She wanted to revisit […]

Zkano Organic Cotton Socks Review and Giveaway!

If there is one thing I love, it is a great pair of comfy socks! When I am at home, I always have on a pair of socks, I prefer to wear socks to bed and especially prefer that my socks be soft and comfortable, but also snug(at least sometimes). I put a lot of […]

Attacks on Bloggers Disgust Me

Okay, so I have always told my younger son to be kind to others and to never pick on anyone and if he witnesses someone being picked on, he should defend that person or get a grown-up. See, he has an older brother with autism and he knows what it is like to live in […]

My kids don’t drink soda…..and other reasons I am a horrible Mom!

Like most Moms, my priority is the health and well-being of my children. I protect them as best I can from harm, feed them a mostly organic diet, expose them to no harsh chemicals in our home and teach them smart choices for when they aren’t actually with me to make the choice for them. […]

Why you Should Bother to Visit your Local Farmer’s Market

I know the word bother seems so negative, but that is what some people say about vistiting their local farmer’s market. I mean, I know they aren’t always on your usual path and who wants to go the grocery store(s) to search out the best deals and also make a special trip out for the […]

A tea that gets me through the winter…..

With these wonderful and cold winter months, especially here in the northeast, comes the delightful germs that get passed around! With kids in school and working in schools, I certainly can’t keep them away completely so the key is to build your own strong immune system so when the little buggers try to invade your […]