A tea that gets me through the winter…..

With these wonderful and cold winter months, especially here in the northeast, comes the delightful germs that get passed around! With kids in school and working in schools, I certainly can’t keep them away completely so the key is to build your own strong immune system so when the little buggers try to invade your body, you will be better prepared to fight and win! There are many foods that can help with this, but I have found a tea that I just can’t live without. It is by Traditional Medicinals and is called Organic Echinacea Plus. I love this tea! Whether I am starting to feel a bit run down or have gotten to the point of a sore throat, I drink, drink, drink and I have yet to get fully ill this season! I always add a spoonful of raw honey from my local beekeeper which adds a touch of sweetness, but also works as a natural decongestant.

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