Attacks on Bloggers Disgust Me

Okay, so I have always told my younger son to be kind to others and to never pick on anyone and if he witnesses someone being picked on, he should defend that person or get a grown-up. See, he has an older brother with autism and he knows what it is like to live in a world where people judge by appearances or behaviors without really knowing you for who you really are. We live in such a harsh and judgemental world. So sad! I have strong principles and a big mouth(sometimes) and try to instill these qualities in my son, probably more of the latter than I would care to admit. I have watched many shows on television that ask the whole “what would you do?” question in cases like seeing someone being abused or treated horribly or the person who is drunk with car keys in their hand. I will tell you what I would do, I would open my big mouth and say something because that is the right thing to do! Nobody deserves to be mistreated and standing by is just about as bad being the abuser or bully. This leads to me to a post I read on a site today. I cringe to give you the link knowing it will just bring traffic to this person, but at the same time, I want you to have a reference of what I am talking about. Apparently, Sarah Gilbert had nothing better to do with her time than to sit and decide it would be fun to attack Amy Lupold Bair(aka Resourceful Mommy) and others, too, but the reference to sitewarming parties was a little obvious in her post here. For the record, I don’t know Resourceful Mommy on a personal level, but look forward to her posts on Twitter and LOVE Friday nights because of her fabulous sitewarming parties. Actually, I envy her a little bit for this, simply for the fact she came up with the FABULOUS idea and I didn’t, but I am not going to write a nasty post about her. As a matter of fact if I was annoyed or that put off by her and her “parties” I simpy would not follow her or attend the sitewarmings, but instead I am excited to learn from her. Simple as that! Like I said, though, I look forward to Friday evenings. That’s right, I don’t have much of a social life and I don’t get out much, but love the community that is Twitter and all of the wonderful people that I have “met” there and all the mommy bloggers-mommies who happen to blog. They DON’T have to always write about being mommies, but ARE mommies! Big deal! Seriously, do you really think it matters if someone is hosting sitewarming parties or giving away Swiffers?? Who the heck do some people think they are that they get to judge others. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing, but to single out people is just obnoxious and just plain mean!
As I have already said, I don’t know Amy on a personal level(although I would love to hang out and drink coffee or get a tattoo together) I just felt I needed to get this out and not just stand by and watch it happen. I would have felt horrible for days and beyond if I didn’t speak up. That is just me, though…..the big mouth red head standing up for what I feel is right! I can go to sleep tonight knowing that this is a story I can share with my son someday and hope that it teaches him how important it is to speak up and defend and support others even if it doesn’t feel comfortable or right at the time or for fear of losing friends.

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