Wordless Wednesday – Beach to Beacon Race Photos – The Good, The Bad, The Not-So-Pretty

*Photo credits: Game Face Media    

My 5K Running Goal & A Practically Perfect Saturday

This past weekend was nearly perfect, especially Saturday. I had registered for a 5k road race (my first in over a year) that was an hour from home, which meant waking up the entire family much earlier than normal for a Saturday morning. The sky was gorgeously blue and the sun was beautiful and warm, […]

Fitness Goals & Frustration When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Over the summer I set two fitness goals for myself. I was on a mission to lose 15 pounds and improve my 5k running time. I worked really hard toward accomplishing both of them while trying to also be smart and not overdo it in order to prevent an injury. I made incredible progress with both […]

Help! My Running Playlist is Getting a Little Boring

Besides the fact it is great for my overall health and well-being, the biggest motivation for me to run is a really great playlist. I have a wide variety of songs I love to listen to, some that are more easy-listening to prevent me from running too fast too soon and others that totally pump […]

Running in the Rain Isn’t as Bad as I Thought

I love to run, I really do, but I’m what one might refer to as a fair-weather runner. I pretty much plan my runs according to the weather and if it is less than desirable I end up on my treadmill, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it faces the television and I get […]

Princess Half Marathon Training Update & Why I Love my Foam Roller

A few weeks ago I made a promise to myself that I would use Tuesdays to write updates about my training for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon and even though I had really good intentions I didn’t follow through. What’s worse is that I didn’t avoid writing about my training because it wasn’t going well, […]

Yoga Knee Pain & Is Yoga a Good Cross Training Option for Runners?

Now that I’ve started running on a regular basis because I’m training for my first half marathon at the beginning of 2014 I’ve been trying to find workout options for non-training days. The recommendation is to cross-train and history has taught me that I need to do something other than just walking on those days […]

I Ran My First 10K Road Race and It Was More Emotional Than I Expected

A week ago at nearly this exact time I was arriving at the start line for my first 10K race. I was feeling nervous, but happy the weather cooperated and the sun was shining with the gorgeous southern Maine coast as a backdrop. The main reason I wanted/needed to run a 10K race was so […]

Running a 5K For a Good Cause & My One Wish for Race Day

I’m sitting here staring at the television when I should be getting ready for bed. I’m running a 5K in the morning, actually my very first “official” 5K and I’m feeling a little bit nervous. I’m not so nervous about the distance since 3.1 miles is something I’ve run before and feel comfortable running, but […]

Me & My Flat Feet are Horrible at Following Doctor’s Orders

I need to whine a little. It’s been a challenging few months for me. Ever since around May, not only has the weather been only sporadically nice, but I’ve been battling with an injury that has kept me from running, much less walking. If you use exercise as an anti-depressant like I do, you totally […]