Running in the Rain Isn’t as Bad as I Thought

I love to run, I really do, but I’m what one might refer to as a fair-weather runner. I pretty much plan my runs according to the weather and if it is less than desirable I end up on my treadmill, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it faces the television and I get full control of the remote control while pounding the belt beneath my feet. When I was training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon the weather was downright brutal at times and even though I braved the cold a few times, I still ended up logging most of my miles on the treadmill. Now that it’s summer and I can get outside nearly every day to run, my joints and my mood are all very happy, except of course when it’s raining outside because unlike a lot of crazy runners that I know I do not like running in the rain. At least I thought I didn’t like running in the rain.

Running in the Rain

I recently went out on a hot and fairly humid day to see how many laps around the track I could run before the heat got the best of me. At about two miles in I was pretty much ready to call it a day and walk back home when it started to sprinkle and then before I knew it the wet stuff was falling steadily and something really strange happened. I liked the rain. I liked how it felt and I liked how it cooled me off and I was really surprised at how it motivated me to keep going and going and going. I think I ended up logging about 4 miles that day and even though my clothes were completely drenched when I got home I didn’t care. The bottom line is that I will probably never plan a run when it’s raining outside, but if I’m out when the temperature is scorching hot and Mother Nature decides to a sprinkle a few drops on me I will most likely be grateful rather than annoyed. So yeah, I’m mostly a fair-weather runner, but every now and then a little precipitation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I suppose.

How about you? Do you run? If so, do you like to run in the rain?


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