When the "Lunch Lady" Visited Health Class

Yes, you read that title correctly.  The lunch lady (that’s what Nick called her in this story) visited health class on Friday.  I am guessing she would have preferred a day when my Nick was not in school. Apparently, she wanted some input from the students, and Nick had plenty. Yes, I drill information into his […]

The Day my Son was the Talk of the Cafeteria

Nick came home from school the other day and explained to me that he had been surrounded at his table during lunch.  I couldn’t imagine why.  I mean, I know he is cute, dresses nice, and is a pretty funny kid, but none of those was the reason several kids swooned (at least not on this […]

Food Revolution Friday – Cafeteria Chat

I made, what has turned into, my weekly visit to my son’s cafeteria for a lunchtime visit several days ago. We call it bonding time, but it has turned into an opportunity for some great “tableside” chats about food and what kids in this age group think about food.  By the way, my son loves […]

Pack a Healthy Lunchbox That’s Waste-Free Too!

Have you ever been in a school cafeteria during lunchtime?  I have and some of what I have seen really bothers and worries me.  The food available to the kids isn’t the greatest(at least not what I would want to feed my children).  Some of the choices simply shouldn’t be there(such as fried foods or […]