The Day my Son was the Talk of the Cafeteria

Nick came home from school the other day and explained to me that he had been surrounded at his table during lunch.  I couldn’t imagine why.  I mean, I know he is cute, dresses nice, and is a pretty funny kid, but none of those was the reason several kids swooned (at least not on this particular day).  It was when he opened his lunchbox. 
Are you ready for it?  The reason he became the center of attention?  He had a sandwich.  With sprouts on it. I know you are gasping right now in shock.  Sprouts?  A phenomenon for sure.  Well, if you saw much of what is sold in this particular cafeteria you would understand why this drew so much attention. 
Curious student: “what are those?”
Nick: “sprouts”
Curious student: “do you like them?”
*Insert Mom snark: “No, actually I hate them.  My Mom just puts them in my lunch to make kids like you ask dumb questions.”
Nick: “umm, yeah” ( I need to work with him on his witty comebacks)

I think another child thought it was grass; that is only green on the tips, apparently.

In case you needed a visual, these are sprouts:


  1. Helga D. says

    Oh, that's so funny! Sprouts! Like all of a sudden he had 2 heads! Same thing happened when my kids started bring their lunch and snacks in reusuable containers. Kids at school said to my little girl, "That's not a LUNCHBOX, that's a leftover food container your mom packed your lunch in!" And my little girl said, yeah, it contains my food. I'm being GREEN. *sheesh* Kids!

  2. safirecat says

    Crazy! It's amazing what parents don't feed their kids these days. 🙂

  3. smilinggreenmom says

    HAHAHA! That is just awesome 🙂 I love it Cathy! I am so glad to hear that he hasn't let their questions ruin his appetite for the good stuff! Rock on Cathy's son 🙂

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