High School Open House

We are at a point again in Cody and Nick’s education where they are at the same school, the high school. I’m sure many parents agree that this makes things so much easier. I don’t even feel like I need to explain why because the reasons are so obvious. So last night we had an […]

Homecoming is a little bittersweet

I remember the excitement of homecoming week very well. I was a cheerleader in high school, so I played an active role in bringing out  school spirit in my fellow classmates. The Friday pep rally that week was filled with so much energy and excitement and the football game under the lights that evening brought […]

I have another high school student

Most nights during summer vacation Nick played video games late into the evening and slept until at least noon on the days that followed. For the last week I’ve been gently reminding him that 6:30 would come very early on the first day of school so he really should needed to lessen his game play […]

8th Grade Night at the High School

Last week Nick and I attended an informational meeting for parents and students who would be entering high school in the upcoming school year. Although Cody is a few years older than Nick, this whole experience was a first for me in many ways. While Cody entered entered high school with an IEP in place, […]

A ride on a homecoming parade float – it’s kind of a big deal

I remember being in high school. Well somewhat. I definitely remember homecoming and the sense of pride and excitement for my high school’s football team. I was a cheerleader so I guess I played a part in creating and demonstrating some of that pride and spirit. I also remember helping to build our class float […]

Wordless Wednesday – An Evening of Immense Pride

Last week we attended a promotion ceremony for Cody.  He has completed Middle School and will start High School in the fall. A few snapshots from the evening (courtesy of a family friend). Waiting patiently for announcement to be seated. We were all feeling extremely proud, I swear! Thinking about going home and having “computer” time. Students were […]