I have another high school student

Most nights during summer vacation Nick played video games late into the evening and slept until at least noon on the days that followed. For the last week I’ve been gently reminding him that 6:30 would come very early on the first day of school so he really should needed to lessen his game play and begin to focus on training his body for an earlier bedtime, and ugh, a much earlier wake-up. I’ll be honest, I’ve loved that I hardly needed to set my alarm clock all summer long and I even enjoyed the quiet time when he and Cody both slept in on those lazy summer days. The adjustment would certainly be a challenge for both of us, but in many ways I like the earlier start. I doubt Nick agrees. So, last night was the first night I set my alarm clock in weeks and crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t have to go into Nick’s room two or five times to get him up and moving for his first day of school. His first day of high school. I know, right?!

I hit the snooze button no less than twice and dragged myself out of bed, which was surprisingly easier than I predicted it would be and what might have been even more stunning was the fact that Nick nearly sprung out of the bed when I gently tapped him for what I expected to be my first of several visits to his bedroom this morning. Like, he immediately sat up, then promptly stood up. I have to admit, he did better than me, but he doesn’t need to know that. I’m not sure what got into him, but I’m guessing some of it was due to nerves. He came to the table and chatted non-stop while eating breakfast, which is a tad different than the usual non-morning person that I usually get  from him. I’m certainly not complaining and I hope it lasts, at least through September. He ate barely enough to call it an actual meal, but at least I wouldn’t be sending him off to his first day of high school on an empty stomach. He took a shower, got dressed, and expressed concern about possibly being late. Who is this kid anyway? Then I did the thing that, come on he had to know it was coming, brought about some resistance, but in the end he complied and humored me and stood for a couple of photos, but made me promise not to the put them on the Facebook. I agreed, but later I’ll convince him it’s no different than any other picture I’ve posted of him online, except that the caption will read first day of high school.

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