Ford’s Drive One 4 Ur School Fundraising Event

If there’s one thing that drives me crazy, it’s the school fundraiser information that comes home from school every year. The kids both have different packets of stuff to buy and they get a percentage of the sales, not a huge percentage in most cases. The big problem with that for me is that there’s […]

I have another high school student

Most nights during summer vacation Nick played video games late into the evening and slept until at least noon on the days that followed. For the last week I’ve been gently reminding him that 6:30 would come very early on the first day of school so he really should needed to lessen his game play […]

8th Grade Night at the High School

Last week Nick and I attended an informational meeting for parents and students who would be entering high school in the upcoming school year. Although Cody is a few years older than Nick, this whole experience was a first for me in many ways. While Cody entered entered high school with an IEP in place, […]