A nearly perfect Sunday

So I’ve been sitting here today feeling all crabby and I’m totally blaming it on the weather because I certainly can’t be expected to be all happy and positive when the sky is gray and the rain is falling, with temperatures in the 40’s. Sure I have the cutest polka dotted rain boots ever, but […]

Disney Devastation

As I sit here typing this I’m looking across the room at Cody, my son with autism, happily watching YouTube videos on his laptop, headphones on, oblivious to the news I have to tell him.  Literally since we returned home from our last trip to Walt Disney World in December 2007, he has asked almost every […]

I just had to write this

I was feeling lost about what to write as I try to get back in the swing of things after last week.  Then I realized I just need to share some of what last week was like for me in order to clear my head and move forward.  It’s a crazy time of year for […]

Creating new memories……after the fog

Yesterday my family and I went bowling.  Pretty normal and fun activity, right?   As I was getting ready to leave, it occurred to me that we hadn’t been to this particular bowling alley in seven years, almost to the exact day. (More later on how I’m so sure of the date.)  It was where we celebrated Cody’s […]

Look out for the calorie cop

A favorite television show my husband and I like to watch together is ABC’s Primetime Show What Would You Do?  In case you aren’t familiar with the show, basically they set up scenarios with actors and see how outsiders would react.  Will they speak up or just walk on by?  I do think that some of their […]

Wordless Wednesday – Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

Ficklets – For a Little Boost of Self-Esteem and Confidence

When I think about self-esteem I think about the huge responsibility we have as adults in the lives of our children and the children we come in contact with on a daily basis.  I can remember as a young girl just not always feeling truly comfortable in my skin and not feeling all that great […]

Wordless Wednesday – First Day of School

Cody – Can’t believe he’s in high school! Nick – a 7th grader already!

Wordless Wednesday – What the Kids did While I was Away at BlogHer

A special thank-you to our dear friend Ellie who took the boys out for this awesome sailing experience and took all of these wonderful photos!

A School’s Responsibility to Provide a Healthy Lunch Program

I am on a committee to work toward a healthier lunch program in the school district my children attend.  Some will say that feeding our kids healthy starts at home and is ultimately the responsibility of the parents.  I fully agree with this, however, for the one meal a day that the school district provides […]