A School’s Responsibility to Provide a Healthy Lunch Program

I am on a committee to work toward a healthier lunch program in the school district my children attend.  Some will say that feeding our kids healthy starts at home and is ultimately the responsibility of the parents.  I fully agree with this, however, for the one meal a day that the school district provides for many children, I feel it’s their responsibility to make it as healthy as possible. 
Here’s why:

  • Many children don’t have parents who know how to create healthy meals for their children.  If the school provides them with even one healthy meal, it could possibly lead to the student sharing some ideas with their family.
  • Better quality lunch with less processed foods equals students that are more focused and have less behavior issues.
  • Kids deserve the best that we can provide for them.
  • The students who do have healthy diets at home are entitled to the same quality in their school lunch.
  • Serving students a lunch isn’t just about filling their bellies.  It’s about feeding their brains and fueling their bodies.

My boys do not even participate in their school’s lunch program, but that doesn’t mean I will just look the other way and not stand up for something better for the other children.  I will do whatever it takes to accomplish positive and healthy changes for the future of this and many other school lunch programs.

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