Teenagers, Wisdom Teeth Removal & A Funny YouTube Video

Last week in preparation for Nick’s appointment to have his wisdom teeth removed I did what any good and decent mother would do. I made a shopping list of soft foods, talked to him a little about what to expect, and re-watched one of my favorite YouTube videos off all time.

If you’ve seen this one before, it’s just as hilarious watching it again. If you’ve never seen it before, I kind of wonder what rock you might be living under, but I’m also glad I could be the one to share it with you. You’re welcome.

Watching this video a couple days before Nick’s oral surgery had me secretly hoping he might give me some good material to record because let’s face it, everyone dreams of publishing a video and watching it go viral, right? I mentioned it to him and of course he was adamant that I NOT record him while he was under the influence of anesthesia. We compromised. I said that if I did record something that I would not share it online without his clear-headed permission, which is a general rule I hope that everyone follows.

On the morning of Nick’s wisdom teeth extraction we arrived at the doctor’s office to a waiting room of parents and their teenagers because oral surgery is obviously how every kid wants to spend the end of their Spring Vacation. We were called in pretty quickly, the nurse spent a few minutes explaining how the anesthesia would work to help put Nick’s mind at ease since this was his first experience “going under”, and the doctor came in to insert an IV for administering the medication. Within 5 seconds Nick had a big smile on his face and I was off to the waiting room where I literally sat for less than 10 minutes before being called back again because his surgery was complete and he was waiting for me in a comfortable reclining chair. He was very comfortable and feeling very happy and you know what? He provided me with a great deal of YouTube worthy material, even begging me more than once to record him as he reached for my phone, but I didn’t do it. As I sat next to him listening to the hilarious words coming out of his mouth I was much more concerned with keeping him awake (per the medical staff’s instruction) and upright in his chair than I was with snapping photos or pressing record on my phone. I’ll admit the thought crossed my mind because he was pretty persistently begging me to do so, but on this particular day I was most concerned with simply being his Mom and getting him home where he could rest and recover comfortably in his own bed. Maybe someday I’ll get lucky and share a video that goes viral, but not today.



  1. There was no footage taken of me after my wisdom teeth removal either. My sisters and mother tell me, however, that I did some pretty funny things! I wonder if it is a possibility that my mother was preoccupied, just as you were, with being my mom at the time; rather than taking videos. Even without video evidence, there are still good stories to share with the family and cherish.

  2. This was fun to read. My friends mom recorded him after having his wisdom teeth out. It was pretty interesting because she discovered somethings about her son that she wasn’t expecting to hear. Now we all look back at the video and have a good time replaying it.

  3. My teenage daughter needs to have her wisdom teeth removed. Is this procedure as serious as having surgery at the hospital? As a single parent, I need to know how much care I need to provide her because I might need to take a few days off of work.

  4. People are so funny after wisdom teeth extractions! I drove my friend home after she had hers removed, and she was making me laugh so hard. She was trying to put on chap stick and couldn’t feel her lips, so she was pushing way too hard and made a big mess all over her face. I’m so glad I recorded it!

  5. Thanks for the laugh, I can surely relate as having my wisdom teeth removed was quite an experience.

  6. It is crazy some of the stuff people will say after surgeries! Thanks for sharing.

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  9. nice teeth removal video post

  10. I love them so much! I watch every single video of them that I can find on YouTube. Thank you for this

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