Spring Vacation

Today is the beginning of Spring vacation here in the Northeast and I’m not sure who is more excited about it, the kids or me. I mean, it’s not like we’re taking a fabulous trip somewhere warm, but we don’t have to set an alarm clock for an entire week so I’d say we have a little something to celebrate. Our weather forecast isn’t looking all that pleasant, but I’ll cross my fingers and hope it changes because the thought of rain every single day makes me want to pull out my hair while curled in the fetal position crying in a corner. Seriously. Our winter was brutal enough. We’ve totally earned a beautiful Spring and a sunshine-filled summer.

Tonight we’ll kick off vacation the right way by stuffing our faces with pizza and maybe even a pan of brownies because it’s a celebration after all. Tomorrow I’ll probably (not) regret the brownies and spend a little extra time on the treadmill making up for my gluttony, but it will totally be worth it because, well, chocolate. Can I tell you what I really wish we were doing on this vacation? It’s basically the same thing I’ve wanted to do for as many years as I can remember, but never put a plan into action. I’d love to take a drive and spend a few days in Boston for the marathon. Being there in person, cheering on the runners and absorbing the excitement while visiting one my favorite cities would be such an awesome way to kick off Spring vacation. One year we’ll get there, but alas, this time around I’ll be watching just like I have in the past…..either on television or streaming on my laptop. Not nearly as cool, but still a fun way to spend Patriot’s Day. Go Shalane Flanagan!

Since we aren’t taking a trip to Boston, or to someplace with palm trees, we figured the upcoming week was a good opportunity for Nick to start his first official job. He’s been wanting to work since last summer and while I’ve been hesitant to let him, I think it will be good for him and it will definitely be good for my wallet. Do me a favor and send him and his boss (who happens to be his Dad) good vibes because what could go wrong, right? No. Really. This is either going to be a really great fit or a really huge mistake. Regardless of how it turns out, it will certainly be a really great learning experience for all of us. Nick ends his vacation week by having his wisdom teeth extracted. I’m taking bets on whether he’ll enjoy that more than working for his Dad.

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