The best thing I’ve done for myself since turning 40

Since turning 40 back in November there haven’t been any big changes in my life. I didn’t expect there to be, but at the same time there are certainly some things that I’m much more aware of, especially when it comes to my health and taking care of my body. I was way overdue for an annual physical, so that was the first thing I did after my birthday. I know how to celebrate, right? During the usual conversation with my provider we discussed the idea of my having a mammogram. She explained that there are differing opinions on what age a woman should schedule her first, or baseline, mammogram. I opted to have one now. There’s no history of breast cancer in my family. Thank goodness for that. We both still agreed that it was a good idea to schedule my first one now to establish that baseline information for any future pictures that will be taken of my breasts. I had that first mammogram this morning. I’ll admit, after having two children, the first with a pretty good sized audience and my share of internal exams I’m not nearly as modest as I was as a young girl. That said, I was slightly nervous because of the unknown of experiencing a new procedure. I had spoken to my grandmother about what it’s like and she explained that it wasn’t really all that bad, but we didn’t get into specifics. I like to be prepared, especially when some of my lady parts are going to be exposed. The technician was very kind and explained everything she was going to be doing, basically two sets of images for each breast. The machine was what I expected it to look like and the mammogram itself was done really quickly with only slight discomfort. Let’s face it. When your breast gets flattened between two, plates if you will, it’s not exactly a pleasurable feeling, but it’s over and done so quickly and well worth that slight pinching feeling for the peace of mind it gives to us as women. And the families who love us.

I was in and out of the hospital in about 30 minutes and now I just wait for what I hope is a letter that says everything is all good, but if I get a phone call instead, requesting I come in for more imaging, I’ll schedule that appointment and go through the entire experience all over again. I’ll do whatever it takes to be certain there’s nothing foreign that’s invaded my body, trying to rob me of a healthy future with my husband and sons.


  1. Hi, Cathy! Fingers crossed, girl…stay positive, hopefully everything turns out well.

  2. I had one when I turned 40 but was surprised when my OB said she didn’t think it was necessary for me to have one every year. Hmm.

    • I’m glad you got one at 40, too, which I’m guessing was a mere few months ago just like me. 😉 It’s interesting that there are differing opinions on when and how often we should get a mammogram. I’m relieved to at least have that baseline established.


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