Happy Birthday to the Price is Right

I may have mentioned a time or two that Cody is an avid  fan of the game show The Price is Right. Avid fan is probably an understatement because I fear his head may explode from the excitement as we watch the program every day when he arrives home from school. So far his head […]

Thoughts at the dentist office

I recently took Cody and Nick to the dentist for their routine cleanings and it all went mostly well. I say mostly because Nick had a cavity so of course we had to discuss yet again that when I ask him to brush and floss his teeth it isn’t because I’m being a mean Mom, […]

I’m on a mission

All kids ask for stuff. Whether it’s the newest video game or money to go to a movie or a school dance, the want is there. When it comes to this time of year, most kids can also make a Christmas wish list a mile long. Ask them what they want and they will gladly […]

Meeting my favorite bloggers makes me more nervous than being on The Price is Right

I’m excited and stressed and having moments of feeling so nervous I might vomit. It’s like taking the floor for my high school cheering competitions all over again. For the record, yes cheerleading is a sport, I have a knee injury to prove it. Here I am more than 20 years past my high school […]