Happy Birthday to the Price is Right

I may have mentioned a time or two that Cody is an avid  fan of the game show The Price is Right. Avid fan is probably an understatement because I fear his head may explode from the excitement as we watch the program every day when he arrives home from school. So far his head has stayed intact, but the excitement just never ends. Today’s episode began like ever other only there was a tiny little minor detail announced at the opening of the show, today was the first show of the 41st season. Wow. The Price is Right is the same age as me. That’s like, seriously old, but I dare say we both look pretty good for our age. I can’t help but be excited by this fact, simply because it excites Cody. I can honestly say that I enjoy watching and seeing the contestants genuinely excited for one another. I wasn’t so sure how well things would go when the beloved Bob Barker retired and Drew Carey took the reins, but it’s been fun and exciting with some really great new games and themes added to the show to keep things fresh and current. For some reason something struck me today that I had never noticed before and I think it’s because it had never actually happened before. I mean, haven’t watched the show every single day for all of my life, but I watched enough to know that the models are always perfectly gorgeous with figures to match. Currently though, two of them are pregnant and like I said, I’m not sure why this stood out to me today, but it just did. I feel like this is a step in a good direction for The Price is Right and models, especially those on television. That’s not to say a woman’s figure isn’t still gorgeous when she’s pregnant, but let’s face it, models’ bodies play such a huge part in their work and the jobs they do. Maybe I’ve just missed seeing all of the actively working pregnant models or maybe this truly is rare, but either way, I love seeing them on The Price is Right. I’ve really just come to love this time I have with Cody on the couch every afternoon after school. Some day I hope to sit with him in the audience and experience the excitement in person. Now that would totally make his head explode.


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